The geographical location and climatic conditions of Corfu favor a wide range of fungi that grow throughout the island. During the rainy season (especially in autumn, spring and sometimes winter) a variety of mushrooms grow in moist soil mainly in forests, olive groves and fields.

We must point out that what we really call "mushroom" is only the visible part of the fungus that produces special seeds to multiply. The rest of the "body" is underground or inside plant organisms.

Many people think that mushrooms are plants because they see them sprouting from the ground. The truth is that mushrooms are not plants, because they can not photosynthesize. They belong to a group of organisms called FUNGI and have special characteristics.

Mushrooms have a high gastronomic value and are in great demand worldwide. They have low calories (about 15 to 25 calories per 100 grams) are compatible with our digestive system and their aromatic and elegant substance make for delicious dishes. However, there are some types of mushrooms that can be dangerous or fatal. Therefore, whoever picks the wild mushrooms must be well informed to differentiate the different types of mushrooms and not let a delicious delicacy end up in a terrible tragedy.


Αρχείο Mykerkyra magazine: The Real Corfu, Issue 15


Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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