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του Παντοκράτορα ποτάμι Βυζάντιο kassiopi cafe delivery μουσείο οχύρωση μεταναστευτικά_είδη επιλογές γεύσεις προτάσεις κερκυραϊκή_φορεσιά τουριστικό_θέρετρο διακοπές οικογενειακή_επιχείρηση Ελλάδα ελαιώνες φυσικό_τοπίο φάρος Παλαιοκαστρίτσα καταδυτικό_κέντρο σπηλιά παροχές διαπόντια νησιά Οθωνοί Ερείκουσα Μαθράκι Δραστηριότητες έπαυλη παλάτι Μπούκαρι προσκυνήματα γέφυρα φαγητό διασκέδαση λόφος ρηχά_νερά θαλάσσια_σπορ λιμανάκι θρησκευτικός_τουρισμός μοναστήρια θέρετρο βράχια Κάσσιος_Δίας θάλασσα χωριό διπλές_παραλίες ινσταγκραμικά_σημεία ορεινό_χωριό κεδροδάσος πολυτελές_θέρετρο οικοσυστήματα λιμάνι ψάρι παλιά_πόλη εστιατόριο σπηλιές εναλλακτικός_τουρισμός κάστρα χωριά μνημεία Φύση Παλιές_Σινιές ναός πανοραμική_θέα Φιλαρμονική_Αυλιωτών ιστορικού_ενδιαφέροντος εκκλησία sup παραδοσιακές_ταβέρνες μπαρ παραλία καφέ Κάιζερ θέρετρα εκδρομές Νότια_Κέρκυρα παράδοση windsurfing Ομήρου_Οδύσσεια ιστορία παραλίες μουσεία οικογειακό_θέρετρο καταδύσεις ψαροντούφεκο περιπατητικός_τουρισμός snorkeling


Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownMon Repo

Mon Repo

The palace built in an oasis of Green

Situated just a few kilometres from Corfu Town, Mon Repo is a lovely verdant area to relax at or just […]

Central Corfu


The traditional settlement with the famous attraction of Achilleion Palace

The traditional settlement Gastouri, that is worth exploring, the view, the rich vegetation, the traditions and celebrations but also the […]

Fortresses & CastlesCentral CorfuGastouri

Achilleion Palace

One of the most impressive sights in Greece

Achilleion Palace is located 10 km outside the city of Corfu next to Gastouri village, in a landscape filled with […]

Central Corfu


Passage to the most beautiful places of Corfu!

The seaside tourist resort with the unobstructed view of Corfu’s landmarks, Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonisi

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownKanoni

Vlacherna Monastery

One of the most famous sights of the island

An attraction for hundreds of visitors and one of the trademark points that enchanted even the directors of major film […]



From the ancient city of Corfu, to the remarkable places that you must discover!

SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Kremasti Square

The Venetian Well and the majestic Church

Surrounded by the enchanting alleys of Corfu, Kremastis Square is a place where you will want to lose yourself in […]

SightseeingCorfu TownGaritsa


The history of the windmill located near Garitsa bay

The windmill, which once served the needs of the inhabitants for grain, today adorns the homonymous area at the bay […]

Central Corfu


The village where the picturesque park-museum "Bouas village" is located

Did you know that there is a picturesque park-museum named “Bouas village” located in the central Corfu at Danilia village? […]

Corfu TownOld Town

Kofineta square

The beautiful Kofineta Square, connects the most important sights of the old town of Corfu.

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Way T.S.

Transfers & Tours

Tours to the most beautiful places of Corfu with the luxurious mini buses of Corfu Way T.S. Transfers & Tours

HotelsCorfu TownOld Town

Locandiera Guest House

+302661039035 // //

ApartmentsCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Casa Verde

Casa Verde… A beautiful mansion just a few minutes from the most central parts of Corfu Old town at the […]

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Elite Travel

Trust Corfu Elite Travel for your most beautiful excursions on the island of Corfu. Transportation services that provide you with […]

VillasCorfu TownGaritsa


Garitsa Kyprou 9-11 +30 6985 820 500

Carpofoli, a renovated mansion building with 4 luxurious suites for your most unique, relaxing stay within walking distance of Corfu […]

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Private Tours


Kaiser’s Observator

Kaiser Observatory, or Kaiser’s Throne, is perched on a rock platform with a truly magnificent panoramic view.

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