Many years ago there was a traditional house in Kalami in Corfu island.
The owner, Vasiliki never would have thought that years later her nephew would create a place that would honor the family!

Her house was built in Kalami before 1900, the area has always been an attraction for many people from all around the world.

His love for Corfu and Kalami was all he needed to work for many hours, day and night to build the tavern.

The tavern opened in 1985 by the name “Pepe’s tavern” a name of a member of the family who had passed away and kept a special place in everyone’s heart.

Year after year, the tavern was blessed by a loyal clientele which felt more like being hosted by a good friend and much less served impersonally.

Today, the tavern continues to hold the preferences of Kalami’s visitors and has changed its name from “Pepe’s” to “Thomas’s Place”.

The family continues to run the business with respect to the clients and the history of the place that keeps the same aim and dream the Thomas’s dream of a traditional tavern by the sea.

Thomas’s Place is a destination for many people who love tradition and calmness as well as Greek local cuisine with the view of the sea that guarantee the freshness of the fish served by the family of Thomas’s at Thomas’s place.

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