5. Rent a Boat

If you wish to explore the distinctive beauty of the seaside villages and idyllic beaches of Corfu, then Corfu Watersports gives you the opportunity to do just that!

Rent a boat and sail in the deep blue waters, starting from the beach of Dassia and onto the amazing beaches of Ipsos, Barbati and Nissaki. Depending on your mood, the ride can last from 4 to 8 hours, where you are given the opportunity to explore the island’s hidden treasures on your own, reach places inaccessible by other means and enjoy the special and beautiful Ionian Sea at your convenience! If you still wish to travel accompanied by an experienced skipper, Corfu Watersports gives you this option too! The skipper will take you to the most remarkable and hard-to-find beaches. A great experience for the whole family as well, with Corfu Watersports ensuring your safety and fun!

4. Sup & Sup Tour

With its origination in Peru 3000 years ago, Stand Up Paddleboarding became a popular activity on the beaches of Hawaii in the 60’s. Since then it has become one of the most sought after water activities. Now you are given the opportunity to explore the stunning beaches and coastline from Dassia to Kalami through this activity! Corfu Watersports makes sure to provide lessons for new enthusiasts of the sport and then give you the chance to sail the sea surrounding the beach, or, if you are feeling more adventurous, to explore the nearest coastline. An activity ideal for the whole family, relaxing and highly entertaining, making sure to enrich your day with a wonderful experience and your holiday with sweet memories.

3. Wakeboarding

Raise the adrenaline to new heights, for lovers of action and adventure, on the cut of the wave, Corfu Watersports gives you the opportunity to tame the waves with Wakeboarding. Available for all levels of experience and always with the right equipment, Wake-boarding is a high-octane pastime that offers a complete physical workout. Enjoy this exceptional experience in Kalami or Dassia.

2. Inflatables

Suitable for all ages, Corfu Watersports provides the opportunity to explore the picture-perfect beaches of Dassia and Kalami on inflatables. The inflatables bump into each other, recreating in sea the experience found in bumper cars, providing much entertainment and amusement. This activity can be tailored to one’s personal liking as one can choose the speed at which to move on the waves! An experience full of adventure, fun and laughter, which is sure to give you a beautiful end-of-vacation memory and lots of fun moments captured in adorable photos!

1. Parasailing

Discover the beauty of the Ionian Sea from above! A unique aerial experience, sure to provide you with unforgettable memories. Suitable for two people, either friends or couples, parasailing is an option provided by Corfu Watersports! No previous experience is necessary, after meeting with the instructor to feel more confident in the air, you will be equipped with the appropriate equipment and then all that is left to do is sit on the platform, and after take-off, enjoy the magic scenery that will unfold before your eyes. The moments and images you will share with the person beside will be sure to last a lifetime.

Text Composing: Ioannis Giaslakiotis
Photography: Corfu Watersports
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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