Coming to the island of Corfu, one cannot help but be enchanted by the architecture, the nature that endowed the island with intense vegetation, the beautiful landscapes and the history of the island that is visible in the center of the old town and in the traditional scattered villages.

Gastronomy, however, is perhaps what can finally capture all five senses of the traveler so that he wants to return to the same place again. In this tribute we will not reveal all her secrets to you
Corfu cuisine, but surely after learning more about the ingredients, influences and elements that contribute to the creation of the dishes you will want to taste them in the place where they were first created, in Corfu.


The most famous traditional dish of Corfu is undoubtedly pastitsada. The meat, rooster or veal, accompanied by thick pasta with a unique mixture of spices, spetseriko. The spice combines specific proportions of cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice, nutmeg and cumin.

Pastitsada is a traditional festive meal and stands out than any other food for its dark, rich color and aroma.

If you want to enjoy delicious pastitsada, cooked with passion and love for tradition, in a harmonious environment, it is worth visiting the Tavern Elisabeth in the village of Doukades.
The tavern has been operating since 1960 and is intertwined with good traditional food and warm hospitality.


Sofrito is an Italian-influenced dish and culinary ritual.

The star of the dish is the fried, floured and slow-cooked beef with additional ingredients such as vinegar or wine, which is also used in the pastitsado many times to give the dark color to the sauce, the parsley and garlic that you will definitely taste when tasting the dish. Sofrito is served with rice or potatoes, and since its sauce is white, white wine is usually recommended.

The name of the dish takes us on a journey through the history of the island, where during the Venetian period the process of cooking sofrito, the frying, connected the Italian word Sofrito.

>Traditional Corfu dishes and an atmospheric setting, with stone buildings can be combined? But of course, we are talking about the old Peritheia!

A unique, picturesque part of the island where there are taverns open all year round, always in accordance with the island’s winter weather. There you will find  tavern “O Foros”, try the richly flavored sofrito, handmade pies, traditional greek dishes and also the “pastitsado” as the owner, Mr. Spyros is calling it, who together with his family have been offering delicious dishes for years.


Continuing in the same era, during the Venetian rule, another word was adopted, “Burdeto” refers to the broth with which this traditional dish of Corfu is made.

Through variations the bourrieto, bourgieto or more popularly the burdeto has won the lovers of good food for its deliciousness as it combines mainly fresh fish scorpina, bakaliaro, bakalao, rofo, galeo and others) with sliced ​​potatoes cooked in red, spicy sauce with the strongest element being the red pepper.

> Located in the heart of the old town of Corfu and to the picturesque Porta Remunda neighborhood, there is a traditional restaurant named  Porta Remounda .

We recommend that you also try other well-cooked local foods and of course, the burdeto, made according to its traditional Corfu recipe.


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Text Composing: Marilia Makri
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