Most of the inhabitants’ main occupation was fishing and cultivating of olives, they say that once upon a time, before the electrification of the area, which took place in 1966, there was so much peace and quiet in the settlement that one could hear, from Vlachatika, the song of the fishermen from many metres away.

They started early every morning on their journey by fishing boats from the area of ​​Kouloura, to Kalami.

Singing was a key element that united the inhabitants, in celebrations but also at every meeting.

In the settlement of Vlachatika there are several old buildings dating back to before 1800.

By way of the exclusive information and photographic material for this small, special village one can go back in time.

It is a small village that is situated in the middle of the coastal road that starts from the city of Corfu and leads to the area of ​​Kassiopi.

A place that is especially loved by visitors to the island who seek tranquility and love nature, some have acquired their own homes here for these reasons.

The name of the settlement is said to have come from the first inhabitants of the area, who came from the opposite mainland coast and were called Vlachs.

The old inhabitants talk about the time when there were 3 olive mills in this small village.

Singing was a key element that united the inhabitants, in celebrations but also at every meeting.

Another means of making a livelihood at that time in Vlachatika, but also in the wider area of ​​Gimari and Agni, was the occupation of wooden boat building.

With these boats they transported building materials etc. but also the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, to the city of Corfu.

Today, new buildings, summer houses and apartments have been added to the area, which host many nature lovers, visitors to the island who choose it for easy access to the entire northern part of the island, or chose it for the tranquility and the wonderful, elevated views.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Thomas Katsaros
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