In the southern part of the island of Corfu, there are many places that will capture one’s interest.

Vouniatades, is a small picturesque, hillside village that one comes across on the mountain road, en route to nearby Paramonas beach. In the next largest village of Agios Mattheos you may choose to wander as well and enjoy further beauty of the island.

Although Vouniatades is a small picturesque village of Corfu, it has managed to show its strong presence and attract the interest of visitors to the area.

It is speculated that Vouniatades took its name from the surname of a noble family of Vouniatas or Vouniotis, as seems to have happened with many of the names of settlements on the island.
A route worth following is that to the church of Ai Giannis with its bell tower completing the postcard image of the charming village, surrounding nature spreading its cloak of bright green and the view stealing one’s breathe.

The church of Ai Giannis holds a big celebration accompanied by the traditional custom of jumping over the fires on June 24. It is said that fire, according to tradition, brings purification and people are freed from evil. The custom is also called the custom of Agianni of Lampataris and the feast is also called the feast of Ai Giannis of Klidonas (or Rigana, or Rizikari).

Although Vouniatades is a small village of Corfu, it has managed to show its strong presence, with the Cultural Association of Vouniatades and the Vouniatades Choir of Corfu actively participating in both local events and events outside of Corfu, in collaboration with other choirs of the island.

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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