On the banks of the rivers of Corfu, in the streams, around the lagoons, in the wetlands, in the ditches, in all of Corfu where there is water, and fortunately on our island that is everywhere, we come across the beautiful Lygaria bush (wicker).

Wicker grows at low altitudes and in coastal areas. It loves water and blooms from late summer to November. It is often grown as a plant in gardens and pots. Its lush vegetation and the way it sways in the breeze gives a very “lively” image to the landscape which is complemented by its beautiful and abundant flowers. It is a shrub very widespread in Corfu and throughout the Greek countryside.

Its name is due to its flexible branches that serve to make baskets. The wicker can reach a height of thirty meters. Usually these shrubs form clusters that “embrace” trees or “mix” with others creating imaginative living mosaics. Its flowers grow on the tops of the stems forming cones that are often visited by bees and other insects for their nectar. They are usually purple, but also white. The leaves of “Lygaria” are lanceolate and every five joined with the central shoot.

The wicker evokes a pleasant and discreet aroma characteristic of the Mediterranean vegetation.

It was the plant of the goddess Hera as according to mythology Hera appeared on earth through such a bush.

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The ancient Greeks believed that the plant "calms" libido.

The monks used an extract from its leaves and flowers to make – as it is said – their sexual desires (agnus-castus). Recently, scientists announced that the extract of Wicker, known for its beneficial properties to the ancient Greeks, can help those suffering from premenstrual syndrome, whose symptoms are not related to any other disease.

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Text Editor: Magdalene Tsirka
Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Magdalene Tsirka
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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