Choose between the peaceful sounds of the waves at Roda beach and the unique 14th century century buildings of Old Perithia

Another week is coming to an end and the weekend is just around the corner. But if you’ve run out of ideas on how to spend this weekend, then just keep on reading!

Several businesses are only open during the summer season in both the north and south parts of the island, which discourages many people from visiting these beautiful places in Corfu.

In the northern part of Corfu, there are businesses in breathtaking landscapes, which are also available to visit on the winter season, in order to offer visitors an unforgettable dining experience in a friendly and family environment.

So, we present you the winter getaways that have the “taste” of the sea, mountain, waterfalls, caves, grilled meat and local homemade products.


Grill House “O Prasinos”, Nymfes, 2663094101

In one of the prettiest villages of the island, built on the western foothills of Mount Pantokrator, you will find the family steakhouse “O Prasinos”. The steakhouse is located at the square of the Nymfes, opposite the springs. The menu of the grill house, with cooking experience of four generations, includes only homemade products, fresh ingredients and meats, but the most important thing that makes “Prasinos” unique is that in all the grills, as well as in the traditional “souvles” the recipes used are handed down by previous generations.

What does Prasinos recommend?

Surely, you haven’t tasted Prasinos’s beef souvlaki anywhere else! You can choose to have them in pitta or just like an original souvlaki. Also, it’s worth trying the meats from the “souvles”, with different meat each time, not to mention that, the steak fans, should definitely try the “neck steaks”.

Grill house’s open hours: Saturday from 17:00 – Sunday all day.

Where shall we go for a walk after lunch?

The beautiful square of the village includes a “playground” area for the children, while it will not take more than 5 minutes of walking to see the amazing vegetation of olive trees, tall cypresses, oaks and plane trees. But if these are not enough for you, don’t be disappointed, as just 2 kilometers away from the square, the largest Corfu waterfalls are hidden! The water pours from a 15-meter height into a small ravine while the visitor will experiences a peaceful state of mind due to the sounds of nature and falling water.


Tsipouradiko “Botsolo” – Nymfes – 6970434050

In the center of Nymfes village, where the narrow streets and traditional houses decorate the hill, passengers will find the tsipouradiko “Botsolo”. In this “new entry” shop of the village the customers can enjoy the tsipouro or the drink of their choice in an environment that combines the traditional kafeneio style with modern aesthetics. The rebetiko and old greek folk music of the shop “accompanies” the customer, while as Dimitris, the owner of the shop, pointed out, “here you don’t order food, you order your drink, with every drink comes a “meze”.

It is worth mentioning that until recently, anyone who wanted to drink quality espresso coffee in the village would either not drink coffee at all or would have to drive to a village close by. However, from now on, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in Botsolo or have it to take away!

Open hours: Every day from 06:00 in the morning to 02:00 after midnight.

What kind of “mezes” is served?

We are not talking about simple snack with cheese and breadsticks, instead the shop offers meze with local ingredients, traditional products and handmade sausages. Highlights include: homemade Corfiot nouboulo, handmade pork neck and delicious Kavourmas.

Where shall we go next:

Nymfes Falls is always the main option for the visitor, but by no means should you be limited to it!  North in the village you will find the Askitario, one of the oldest Christian monuments in Corfu, worth to be including in your walk, as it is a unique example of architecture and “place of culture” of the Corfiot countryside. The historical monument is surrounded by the dense green forest of the region.


Restaurant “Agrilia” – Roda – 2663063822

Since 2020, “Agrilia” restaurant has been a perfect choice for the weekend evenings, with live music and delicious grilled food. The “open kitchen style” and the fact that they use only charcoal for grilling makes the experience special. Everything on the menu is made from fresh ingredients. In the family-run restaurant “Agrilia”, one can enjoy live music by “greek entexno” bands on a weekly basis. Anyone interested in finding out which band is performing at the restaurant this week or for those who want to reserve a table can call the number above.

Restaurants winter open hours: Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday noon.

Restaurant recommendations:

Ask Maria, the owner of the business, for the “dish of the day”, which is basically day’s special plate and probably you haven’t tasted it before, otherwise, if you want to choose something from the menu, she suggests the “Chicken stuffed with nouboulo”.

What to do next?

The streets of Roda are always an excellent choice for a walk during winter or summer, but the show is stolen mainly by the coastal part of the village with 2 different beaches, the tourist attraction “the tree”, the beach volley court and the small harbour. Those who’d like to enjoy a cup of coffee before or after dinner, will find open cafes in the area all year round!


Grill House “O Prasinos” – Acharavi – 2663064167

“O Prasinos” has recently expanded and now has a second grill house in Acharavi, specifically on the main road of the village. This area is perhaps the most visited during the winter months. The new store is open daily with availability of food delivery during the open hours of the shop. The menu of the grill house, with the experience of four generations, includes only handmade products, fresh ingredients and meats, but the most important thing that makes “Prasinos” unique is that in all the roasts, as well as in his “souvles” he uses the recipes left by the previous generations.

Grill House open hours: Every day from 17:00 to 22:00.

What does Prasinos recommend?

Surely, you haven’t tasted Prasinos’s beef souvlaki anywhere else! You can choose to have them in pitta or just like an original souvlaki. Also, it’s worth trying the meats from the “souvles”, with different meat each time, not to mention that, the steak fans, should definitely try the “neck steaks”.

Where shall we go for a walk after dinner?

Acharavi is the center of North Corfu so if you find yourself there you will have the best variety of shop options and you will be around a lot of people. If you want to enjoy a coffee or a drink you just have to walk along the main street of the village and choose a place, if you want to take a walk, away from the “hustle and bustle” then choose the coastal road of Acharavi!


“Square Steak & Burger Bar” – Kassiopi – 2663082186

Every day for coffee in the morning and for dinner in the evening. The Square Cafe in Kassiopi is the “sibling” of “The Square Steaks & Burger Bar Corfu Town” in Neo Frourio Square and it is an “All Day” choice for weekdays and weekends, also an ideal destination for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Located in Kassiopi’s Square, it has cozy atmosphere, as well as, an open-air upstairs balcony to have your coffee or food with view of the square.

The menu includes a variety of burgers, noodles, salads, pasta, club sandwiches and steaks, without leaving the cocktail lovers unhappy!

The “highlights” of the menu are the Barley rib eye, with truffle oil and parmesan, as well as the “Gourounaki stazei meli” which means “Piglet dripping honey”, made of pork shank cooked with honey, various spices and mashed potatoes on the side!

Kitchen’s open hours: Every day from 12:00 to 15:00 and 16:30 to 23:00, the cafe bar has different hours and is open from 08:00 in the morning until 00:00.

Starting from the square of Kassiopi, it is worth going down to the picturesque harbour, enjoy the panoramic view of the village from the Castle of Kassiopi or to walk around the hill of the Byzantine Castle. However, visitors who prefer more intense activity are encouraged to follow one of the trails of Kassios Dias in the area of Erimitis!


Tavern “Evdokia” – Old Peritheia – 2663098635

The village of Old Perithia is one of the most valuable architectural gems of Corfu, as it preserves the atmosphere and art of another era. In the village square, in one of the 130 stone houses of Old Perithia, built according to Venetian standards, you will find “Evdokia”. “Evdokia” is a family-run traditional tavern with Corfiot cuisine and grilled dishes, while many of the ingredients on the menu, it is worth mentioning that are made by the owners themselves. The tavern has two seating-areas, one inside the store, at the front facing the square, and one at the back, with heating and a nice view. Thomas, the owner of the place, and Dina, Thomas’ wife and tavern’s cook, will treat you with excellent hospitality and provide handmade products!

Tavern’s open hours: Saturday from 11:00 – Sunday from 11:00.

What did Thomas and Dina suggest?

It is called the “food of the poor” but it is rich in flavour, Tsigareli is the spicy version of pan-cooked wild greens, suitable to be tasted in the first courses. For the main dish, they suggested the signature dish of Corfiot cuisine, Pastitsada.

Just 4.6 km from Old Perithia you will find an incredible hidden gem that the locals call Grava. It is the cave of Loutses! Once you arrive by car you will find parking space, benches and incredible view due to the altitude. The Grava is only 100 meters away from the parking spot. The cave has imposing walls, and on its roof, which “lowers” as you go deeper inside, you can see stalactites and dark geological formations.

Text Composing: Christos Karidis
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