Terms of Service

Welcome to Mykerkyra!
These Terms of Use govern the use of Mykerkyra (the "Website") and its features, applications, services, technologies and software.

1. Our services
Our mission is to empower people to create communities and bring the world closer. To support this mission, we provide the services described below:

We offer you a personalized experience:
Your Mykerkyra experience is unique: from publications to events, ads, and the rest of the content you see in the Updates, to the Pages you follow and anything additional you choose to use in mykerkyra, such as Ads, Articles, and Search. We use the data we have, e.g. the data for your links, the choices and settings you make, the content you share and your actions on Mykerkyra to personalize your experience.
We associate you with the people and organizations you show interest for:
We help you find and connect with individuals, groups, businesses, organizations etc. We use the data we have to make suggestions for you and others, e.g. suggestions for groups you can join, events you may want to attend, Pages you can follow or send messages to, series you may want to watch, and people you might want to become friends with.
Stronger links create better communities, and we believe our services are more useful when people connect with people, groups, and organizations that interest them
We give you the opportunity to express yourself and write about topics that interest you:
There are many ways you can express yourself in Mykerkyra and communicate with your friends, relatives and others about what you are interested in, for example. Communicating status updates, photos, videos, and stories you use by sending messages to a friend or more people together, creating events or groups, or adding content to your profile.

We help you discover content and services that may interest you:
We show you advertisements, offers and other content to help you discover the content and services offered by numerous businesses and organizations using Mykerkyra. Our partners pay us to display content of their services that you may like and find useful.
We fight against harmful behaviors and protect and support our community:
Mykerkyra users can create a community only if they feel secure. We have dedicated teams to detect incidents of abuse of our services, harmful conduct to third parties and cases where we are be able to help support or protect our community. When we become aware of such content or behavior, we take appropriate action, e.g. we offer help, remove relevant content, block access to specific features, disable the relevant account, or appeal to law enforcement authorities.
We are looking for ways to improve our services:
We conduct surveys and work with third parties to improve our Services. One of the methods we use is to analyze the data we have in order to understand how our Services are used.
2. Mykerkyra privacy and your privacy choices
We collect and use your personal information in order to provide you the services that are described above. You can learn how we collect and use your data by reading the privacy.
We also encourage you to review the privacy options available to you about the ways we use your data by reviewing your account settings.
3. Your obligations across Mykerkyra and our community
We provide these services to you, as well as to other users, to promote our mission.
In return, we expect you to make the following commitments:

3.1. Who can use Mykerkyra?
When users support their opinions and actions, our community is safer and more responsible. Therefore, you owe:
• Use the same name you use in your everyday life.
• Provide accurate information about yourself.
• Create only one account (yours) and use your account for personal purposes.
• Not share your password with third parties, give third parties access to your Mykerkyra account, and not transfer your account to any other person (without our permission).

We are trying to make Mykerkyra widely available to everyone, however, you cannot use Mykerkyra if:
• You are under 13 years of age.
• You have been convicted of a sexual offense.
• We have disabled your Mykerkyra account in the past due to a violation of the terms of use.

3.2. What you can share and do in Mykerkyra
We want users of Mykerkyra to use it to express and share content that is important to them but not to the detriment of the safety and well-being of other users or the integrity of our community. For these reasons, you agree that you will not adopt any of the behaviors described below (and you will not facilitate or support others adopting such behaviors):
3.2.1. You may not use our Services to take any action or to disclose anything:
• It violates these Terms of Use that apply to the use of Mykerkyra.
• It is illegal, misleading or fraudulent.
• Infringes third party rights.

3.2.2. You may not upload viruses or malicious content, or take any action that could result in disabling, overburdening, or causing problems in the operation or display of our Services.

3.2.3. You may not access or collect data from our Services using automated means (without our prior permission), or attempt to access data you do not have access to.
We have the right to remove the content you disclose in violation of these provisions and, if necessary, we may take action against your account for the reasons outlined above. We also have the right to disable your account if you have repeatedly infringed the intellectual property rights of others.
In most cases when needed, we will notify you of your content being removed for violating our Terms of Use.
We may not be able to notify you in all cases, for example if this is prohibited by law or may be harmful to our community or the integrity of our Services.
To support our community, we encourage you to report the content or behaviors that you believe violate your rights (including intellectual property rights) or terms and privacy.
3. The rights you grant us.
In order to provide you with our services, you must grant us certain rights:

3.3.1. Permission to use of the content you create and share: The content you create and share with Mykerkyra and the other Mykerkyra Services you use belongs to you and nothing in these Terms of Use removes your rights to your content. You can share your content freely to anyone you want and where you want. In order to provide you with our services, however, you must grant us permission to use this content.

In particular, when you share, post or upload copyrighted content (e.g., photos or videos) to or in connection with our Services, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, further transferable, worldwide license, royalties for hosting, using, distributing, modifying, executing, copying, publicly performing, displaying and translating your content, as well as for creating derivative works from this content (according to with the settings you have set for private privacy). This means, for example, that if you share a picture with Mykerkyra, you are giving us permission to store, copy and share this photo to third parties (again, according to your settings), such as to service providers that support our service or other Mykerkyra Services you use.
You can withdraw this license at any time by deleting your content or account. Be aware that for technical reasons the content you delete can be retained for a short time in backup (but not visible to other users). Also, the content you delete may continue to appear if you have shared it with third parties who have not deleted it.

3.3.2. The right to use your name, profile image, and information about your actions regarding ads and content: We allow you to use your name, profile picture, and information about the actions you have made in Mykerkyra in the box or in relation to advertisements, promotions and other content that we submit to our Services without paying any compensation to you.

For example, we may show your friends that you are interested in an advertised event or that you have stated that you like a page created by a brand that has paid us to show ads on Mykerkyra.

3.4. Restrictions on the use of our intellectual property
If you use copyrighted content that we have and make available through our Services (such as images, drawings, videos or sounds we offer you and you add to the content that you create or share with Mykerkyra), all rights on of this content (but not yours) remain the property of Mykerkyra. You have the right to use our own copyrighted or our trademarked content (or other similar trademarks) solely in accordance with the Guidelines for the use of branded information, or if you have obtained our written consent in advance.
In order to modify, create derivative works, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of our software, you must secure our written consent (or have the right under an open source license).

4. Additional provisions

4.1. Modifying the Terms of Use
We continually strive to improve our services and develop new features in order to deliver better services to you and our community. This means that we may need to modify these Terms of Use from time to time to accurately reflect our services and practices. Except where otherwise provided by law, we will notify you (e.g., by email or through our Services) before making any changes to these Terms of Use and you will be able to review the modified terms before they are implemented .
Once the modified Terms of Use have entered into force, you will be bound by them as long as you continue to use the Services.
We hope you continue to use our Services. However, if you do not agree with the modified Terms of Use and do not wish to be a member of the Mykerkyra community, you may delete your account at any time.
4.2. Suspend or disable an account
We want Mykerkyra to be a place where users feel welcomed and safe to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas.
Once we find that you have made a clear, severe or repeated violation of the terms of use, we may temporarily suspend or permanently disable access to your account. We may also suspend or disable your account, as long as this is required by law. If necessary, we will notify you about your account (e.g., by email or through our Services). You may contact us if you believe that we have mistakenly deactivated your account.
In the event of you deleting your account, these Terms of Use will no longer be as an agreement between us.
4.3. Limitations of liability
We will demonstrate reasonable interest, care and diligence in the provision of our Services and the maintenance of a secure environment without errors, however, we cannot guarantee that there will never be interruptions, delays or defects in the operation of the Services. Provided that we have acted with reasonable skill and diligence, we accept no responsibility for: losses not due to our breach of these Terms or to our other actions, losses that we could not reasonably have predicted, neither we nor and you, at the time of acceptance of these Terms, any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal, or inappropriate content posted by third parties that you may encounter in our Services, and events beyond the reasonable our control.
4.4. Disagreements
We are trying to provide clear rules in order to reduce or even better avoid disagreements between us. In the event of a dispute, however, it is useful to know in advance where to resolve and which laws will apply.
If you are a consumer and your usual place of residence is in a Member State of the European Union, the law of that Member State will apply to any claim, claim or dispute you have against Mykerkyra arising from or relating to these Terms use or the Mykerkyra Services and you may apply to any competent court in that Member State that has jurisdiction to resolve your claim. In all other cases, you agree that the claim will be resolved by a competent court of the Hellenic Republic and that these Terms of Use and any claim will be governed by Greek law, without taking into account any provisions regarding the conflict of laws.
5. Other provisions

5.1. If you decide to use any of our Services, you automatically accept the terms of use that will form part of our agreement.

5.2. Any modification or waiver of these Terms of Use must be in writing and be signed by us.

5.3. You may not transfer to third parties any of your rights or obligations under these Terms of Use without our consent.

5.4. These Terms of Use are not provided for the assignment of third party rights. We reserve the right to voluntarily assign all of our rights and obligations arising out of these Terms of Use in the event of a merger, redemption or sale of our assets, either automatically or in any other way.

5.5. Please be aware that we may need to change your account username in some cases (for example, if someone else claims that particular username and it appears that this name is not related to the name you use in your everyday life).

5.6. We always appreciate your opinion and suggestions you may have about our Services and Services. However, you should be aware that we have the right to use these suggestions without any limitation and without any obligation to indemnify you. We also have no obligation to respect the confidentiality of these proposals.

5.7. We are not responsible for all rights not expressly assigned to you.