Romantic or secret-romantic of our company, we all have moments when we are in front of the screen and enjoying a romantic movie. Whether your mate suggested it or through an existing television program you happened to see one or as your personal choice, obvious or not!

The list below contains some of our most beloved movies that we would ideally recommend as a Valentine’s Day choice.

or a movie night looking for a movie that will inspire you and inspire you for a long time.

A Star is born

Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa with amazing performances in the movie that was discussed and loved both for her music tracks and for comments on if there was a relationship between them at all, will make you fall in love with your teenagers and will surely make you feel in their indisputable chemistry. An intense and episodic relationship and an end to it!

* The most positive of the film: it is the power that gives our partner the ability to believe in and support him / her!

Love me if you dare

I may not have added it first to leave room for the newest movie I loved, but it is an everlasting love and a choice I have been seeing and seeing for years.

A really clever script as usual in French Cinema, Love me if you dare will make you guess its sequel, it will get you excited and make you laugh and leave you with lots of questions!

It was the first time since The Notebook and it probably was and its inspiration in many places I would venture to say!

It’s worth seeing with your partner on your own and it will definitely keep you in agony until the end!

* The Most Positive of the Movie: Its Special Script and its Twists! The scenes and the two excellent protagonists as well as the music tracks selected for the film! Dare it!

“It's worth seeing with your partner on your own and it will definitely keep you in agony until the end!”
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