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The Company

The idea of My Kerkyra magazine began in 2006 along with the first issue publication. Within a short time it became well-known and beloved both at the Corfiot and foreign audience and readers. Many tourists have their My Kerkyra at their homes as souvenirs from Corfu island.

CorfuPress company deals with advertisement, publications and film-tv productions for thirteen years. Except the magazines “My Kerkyra magazine: the Real Corfu” (Greek and English Edition) and “Mor AMFOPA” (Russian Edition) the company publishes books and products tv programs in cooperation with Corfu TV Channel.

In line with the technological and digital developments, we created this site not only as a touristic guide but as a continuation of the printed magazine form.

Finally, we just keep providing advertisement services, both in printed and digital form with multiple choices and tools with the view to promote any kind of company.

Editor in Chief

Thomas Katsaros

Executive Manager

Ada Kiriazi

Website Content Manager & Social Media Manager

Marilia Makri

Translator - Writer

Adelia Cook

Art Director

Maria Laggaditi


The Idea

The idea of Bloggers was created in 2018 through the collaboration of the company with Marilia Makri. The idea is related to a wonderful purpose, to give the opportunity to talented people who love Corfu and have a creative hobby, to express themselves and show their talent through the online version of mykerkyra.com

Bloggers are people who stand out in their field and give their best to what they do. The company has created a system that provide them support and help them develop and promote their ideas, also throught some social media tools. Being a member of the company we make sure that we personalize all the wonderful elements that make everyone so special and unique.

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