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Everything we love and many more that we distinguish, written in a few lines with the personal touch that always gives a different perspective on what we know and connects us with Corfu.

The idea is related to a wonderful purpose, to give the opportunity to talented people who love Corfu and have a creative hobby, to express themselves and show their talent through the online version of mykerkyra.com.

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No matter how many times you visit the island, there will always be something unique to discover. Write your own story and see how it is spread, through mykerkyra.com which unites all those who love the island and want to explore it.


We find our strength in evolution and we love to share it with people who have the same vision as us. Be a part of it and broaden your horizons.

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All those thoughts that you desire to express, become part of the experience you share, with people from all over the world.

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