North Corfu

Old Peritheia

A trip to the historic ghost village

Many visitors to the island are unaware of the existence of the oldest and most important village of interest, located […]

Central Corfu


An oasis of calm and beauty in one of the elite areas of Corfu

Kommeno is one of the most popular areas of the island where the holiday homes of many local and foreign, […]



From the ancient city of Corfu, to the remarkable places that you must discover!

Sights & AttractionsCorfu Town

Kremasti Square

The Venetian Well and the majestic Church

Surrounded by the enchanting alleys of Corfu, Kremastis Square is a place where you will want to lose yourself in […]

SightseeingCorfu TownCentral Corfu


Walking through the history of Corfu

The characteristic arches, one of the most important sights of Greece… Read all that you need to know about Liston.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town

St. Spyridon

The patron saint of the island of Corfu and a reference point of religious tourism

The canton of “Agios” is located in the centre of the Old Town of the island and the visitor can […]

Τέχνη & ΠολιτισμόςCorfu TownCentral Corfu

Ionian Academy – Ionian University

Their course through time. Passage from East to West.

The Ionian Islands have a rich cultural heritage that coupled the Greek tradition with the air of Italian influence during […]

SightseeingCorfu Town

The Peristyle of Maitland

Τhe characteristic columns of the Spianada that "cover" an old Venetian cistern

One of the most characteristic and most photographed places of Spianada, or Pano Plateia in Corfu, is the Peristyle of […]

SightseeingGouviaCentral Corfu

Gouvia Marina

The ultimate escape experience from the city of Corfu!

Marina at Gouvia is a true jewel for the island of Corfu. Constructed with the most advanced specifications is definately […]


Kaiser Bridge

Situated on the coastal road, approximately 10 kilometres from Corfu Town, is the Kaiser Bridge, or more correctly, the remains […]

Corfu TownCentral Corfu

The island of Vidos

Island of Peace, Island of Death and today an island of recreation for locals and visitors

The little, green, uninhabited island of Vidos is located opposite the city of Corfu, very close to the old port […]

SightseeingCorfu Town


The impressive square of 42,000 sq.m, is undoubtedly the heart of the city!

One of the most famous and popular sights of Corfu. The largest square in Greece and Balkans that any visitor […]

SightseeingCorfu Town

British Hospital of Corfu

The important historic building, full of memories and scars

Nothing can diminish its historic significance since this as well as dozens of other monuments of the island have borne […]

North Corfu


The picturesque fishing port near Kalami

A green horseshoe, it emerges through cypress trees and stands out with its highly picturesque fishing port, mainly filled with […]

BeachesPerouladesNorth Corfu


The cape, a work of art hidden in Peroulades

Discover the beautiful landscape of natural formations with scattered islets and clear blue, transparent waters!

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town


The Catholic Cathedral in the town hall square

The Cathedral of the Catholic Church of St. James, Duomo or Domos, according to the locals, is one of the […]

SiniesNorth Corfu

Old Sinies

A journey through time

The ruined settlement of northern Corfu, Old Sinies, stubbornly still stands at the foot of Mount Pantokrator!