Discover the holiest place on the island, namely the Church of Agios Spiridon. Watch the procession of over 100 Marching Bands as they take the revered saint’s remains along the Liston and through the cobbled streets of old Corfu Town. Please note that this only occurs on four occasions each year at Easter on Palm Sunday, (this year the 28th April), and Holy Saturday (20th April 2019), on 11th August, St. Spiridon’s Name Day and on the 1st Sunday in November

Easter is by far the holiest of Greek holidays, also the most joyous as it is a celebration of the arrival of spring. Corfu at Easter is ideal since the island hosts the most melodic celebrations in Greece with the city’s philharmonic marching bands taking to the Liston and streets in Old Corfu Town. Unlike Easter elsewhere, it is a movable holiday in Greece as its celebration falls on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox.

On ‘Holy Saturday’ morning thousands of Greek Orthodox and tourists alike gather to see the dropping of the ceramic pots, known as ‘botides’ which are filled with water and thrown from the apartment windows onto the cobblestone streets. The spectacular marching bands again take to the streets on Holy Saturday and Palm Sunday.

Photography: Carolyn Pember
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