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    Greek Festivals & Traditional Events

    Burning of the Carnival King in Giannades, 17/03/2024


    Mar 2024
    Giannades See the Map

    On the last Sunday of Carnival, on Tyrofagos Sunday, March 17th, the Carnival King will be burned in Giannades Square in the evening.

    Fire holds magical power, and according to folklore, lighting the fire and burning the carnival help dispel evil spirits and free ourselves from our passions and demons. We purify ourselves and are reborn pure, moving from darkness to light, from winter to spring. Along with the fire, passions, hatred, enmities, evil, and jealousy among people are also burned. We leave behind what burdens us and walk lightly towards the sweet, innocent spring season.

    That’s why in this custom, it is imperative to jump over the fire. In this way, we exorcise the unpleasant and the evil, throw them away, burn them, and make room for pleasant and joyful events. In the village square, we will relive the tradition on the last Sunday of Carnival – Tyrofagos – on March 17.

    Let’s all meet at 16:30 at TRISTRATO with our cars to start the Carnival procession for the villages of Marmaro and Kanakades, and return to our square for the burning of the Carnival King.

    A celebration will follow at the Cultural Center with live music, grilled food, drinks, joy, and a lot… a lot of dancing until the morning of Clean Monday.



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