Corfu Kumquat. This citrus fruit has been grown on Corfu for nigh on 100 years with 100 tons being produced annually. Sweet and tart in flavour it is used in the Corfiot liqueur, the making of jams, preserves and sweets and is also found in cosmetics and beauty products.

Corfu Honey

Ancient Greeks considered honey to be the ‘food of the Gods’ and it is still a major ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Corfu produces honey, organic honey and Royal Jelly.

Corfu Olive Oil

Corfu produces premium quality olive oil. There are over 4 million olive trees on the island, the majority having been planted during the Venetian Era when residents were paid to plant new trees. This would make some of them over 500 years in age. The Corfu olive, Lianolia, is an essential part of the Greek diet.

Corfu Wines

Corfiot wines have been famous since the time of ancient Greece and Homer with the local vineyards producing excellent wine to date. There are several local varieties such as the white wine Kakotrygis and reds namely Skopelitiko and Petrokorytho. Look for Corfiot wines with PGI Kerkyra and PGI Halikouna on their labels.

Ginger Beer

The British introduced Ginger Beer to the island in the 1920’s, ingredients being ginger, sugar, water and fresh lemon. The Corfiot Ginger Beer is free of preservatives and the hint of lemon makes it both a cooling and refreshing summer drink.


Ouzo is synonymous with Greece. Made from a mix of ethanol and aniseed its distinctive anise scent and taste are appreciated by locals and tourists alike. It is also said to have medicinal purposes unless imbibed in large amounts when a headache is then consequential.

Corfu Beer

‘Corfu Beer’, established in 2006, is a family-run micro-brewery located in the picturesque Arillas village. Corfu Beer has a wide range to choose from; red, bitter, fruity Weiss, lagers, pilsners and even a ginger beer. Well worth a visit while in the area. Other Corfu beer breweries are ‘Diver’ and ‘Seven Island’ who produce equally good beers for all tastes.

Noumboulo Foumikado

Noumboulo Foumikado; the prosciutto of Corfu and Salado; Corfu’s salami, are the cold meats exclusive to this island. Village Sausages and Smoked Pancetta make up the rest of a great smorgasbord. The Noumboulo Fourmikado is made from marinated, seasoned, smoked pork fillet with local herbs added. This speciality is ideal as a meze (starter) with either beer & wine. Originally only serving as sustenance for hunters and gatherers in mountainous areas of Corfu it is now available at many delicatessens and butcheries on the island.

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