The crested lark is a common bird of the Corfiot countryside which also breeds across Cyprus, Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Its scientific name is Galerida Cristata.

It is a common bird which lives in fields, heaths, dry lands, roadsides and sand dunes where insects and seeds can be found. It can also be found in urban areas.

The crested lark that breeds in Greece is distinct from other species in that it is the largest of its kind and can reach 17-19 cm.

Its body is thin with grey and brown streaks on top that helps the bird blend in with its native soil; the bird has a whitish belly. Its wings are long and pointed. It has a long spiky crest that is prominent even when lowered.

This bird is particularly spry and agile and feeds on seeds, fruit, cereals, insects and even grass in springtime. It nests on the ground, laying three to five eggs which hatch after two weeks.

In autumn, bevies of larks migrate to Africa and return in the beginning of spring.

Its natural enemies are other predatory birds and small carnivorous mammals.

Text Editor: Spiridon Gkinis, Teacher
Photography: Spiridon Gkinis
Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
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