Pancakes, (loukoumades)  a delicacy loved and known throughout the centuries, in various shape and with various flavour combinations, are found in the traditions and tastes of many countries and regions of the world. Their history is lost in the depths of the centuries; according to archeological evidence, pancakes, in some form, existed as food in prehistoric societies and are one of the oldest foods. In fact, they have been mentioned in Greece since the 5th century BC in works of poets, with the preparation method similar to the current recipe, and ingredients being wheat flour, olive oil, honey and, in addition, condensed milk.

Corfu is inextricably linked to traditions passed down from generation to generation, as well as many elements related to the Venetian occupation of the island. Pancakes are very often called doughnuts today, the oldest local residents and lovers of traditions, talking and reminiscing about the “pancakes of Corfu”.

The custom of making doughnuts (loukoumades) is associated with the great celebrations of the island, starting with the feast of Agios Dimitrios and finishing on the eve of the feast of the patron saint of Corfu, Agios Spyridon, on December 11. The doughnuts or “pancakes of the Saint” as they are referred to by the locals, have their place of honour in these religious celebrations. In the cantonments, the streets, the Spianada Square and also the lively Town Hall Square with the imposing Duomo, the enticing smell of fresh doughnuts wafts during the heart of winter.

For both the people of Corfu and for visitors to the island, this neighbourhood has become associated with the doughnuts; synonymous with the custom of their preparation and renowned for the delicious sweet and savory combinations. This confectionery, “Stazei Meli”, which directly translates to “Dripping Honey”, manages to convey emotions, memories and interesting taste sensations to those who savour its delicacies.

The Corfiot owner, Spyros Paipetis, has managed to highlight and enrich the traditional doughnuts in flavoursome combinations while maintaining his undiminished respect for the raw materials and the history of the speciality dish.

From the classic recipe with pure honey and almonds or pistachios to the delicious flavour combinations;

Stuffed with a combination of vanilla / strawberry cream or wirh chocolate praline,

Coated with scrumptious milk or white chocolate and even strawberry jam.

Savory doughnuts made with Corfiot Noumboulo plus many traditional Corfiot products, such as additional cheeses, cold cuts and herbs.

* Please note that they also have Vegan options and cater for those who care about their diet.

Our suggestion is to visit the picturesque neighbourhood of Guilford, stroll through it, photograph its magnificent architecture and stop in at “Stazei Meli” for a wonderful gustatory delight. It will be hard to decide between savory and sweet!  It is however an ideal choice for any time of the day. Enjoy a breakfast with savory doughnuts made with select flavoursome Corfiot products or delicious omelets reminiscent of homemade recipes. It is definitely worth completing your delicious dining experience with one of the sweet “Stazei Meli” combinations of our favorite doughnut… of our Corfiot pancake!

Stazei Meli at 60 Guildford, Town Hall Square Corfu Old Town.

Do you want the flavours of “Stazei Meli” delivered to your door?

Contact +302661300537 and find out more about delivery times. Join the fans of this divine eatery!

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Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Evgenia Troussa
Photography: Stazei Meli
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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