Emys orbicularis is one of two species of freshwater turtles that exist on the island of Corfu.

It is called a swamp turtle or pond turtle because of the characteristic patterns it carries on its body.

The shell of Emys Orbicularis can reach 30 cm, while its color varies from green and brown to black. Female swamp turtles have yellow eyes while males have red and their tail is longer.

We usually find them in stagnant water, in the canals between aquatic plants. They often sit on rocks, next to the shores and feed on insects, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, frogs and fish.

In Corfu the population of Emys orbicularis is relatively small. This is due to the gradual degradation of wetlands and global climate change.

Text Editor: Savina Gkioni, Hydrobiologist
Photography: Savina Gkioni
Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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