An amazing masterpiece of nature, on the northeast side of the island, is Erimitis Beach.

A rugged coastline with coves, capes and beaches as well as three lakes (Vromolimni, Akoli and Savoura) make up this spectacularly scenic, verdant Erimitis area.

The Erimitis through history

Erimitis has a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and is a clear example of authentic Corfiot nature. As opposed to many other parts of the island, it stands out for its vegetation because, back in time, the Venetians did not interfere with the natural flora by cultivating olive groves. The need to preserve the natural landscape and ecosystem is therefore so much greater.

Its ecological value and its vital biodiversity

It is a shelter for many rare animals and birds and is an important wetland system with the Antiniotis lagoon and the Vouthroto wetland. More specifically, the Erimitis is also home to the endangered Mediterranean seal, the rhino dolphin and the whirlpool or otter.

The Lighthouse on the islet of Caparelli

It is also worth noting that, in the area, on the islet of Caparelli, there is the second oldest lighthouse, which is 9 meters in height. This lighthouse was built during the British occupation to strengthen the defense against maritime threats.

Its location in the northern strait of the island, with accessibility to the point only being by either boat from offshore or via a hiking path, made it unsuitable for many human interventions. We can enjoy this pristine and intact historical attraction without tourist facilities to this day. So we hope it stays.


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Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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