Canal D’Amour is a special masterpiece of nature.

Just 40km from the city centre, between Sidari and Peroulades, the “Channel of Love” with its white, sculpted sandstone rocks and crystal clear, exquisitely blue waters, is one of the most talked about resorts on the island and worldwide.

There are two versions of the legend or tradition of swimming through the canal. The first is that, couples who swim in it will remain in love forever. The second version is a variation of the first, believing that whoever swims through the narrow passage of the canal will meet the love of their life on the other side.

Whichever version suits you, the only sure thing is that visitors to the Canal D’amour will be enchanted by the uniqueness of the landscape. As an effect of water and air erosion on the sandstone rock, wonderful, and very unusual, formations have been created.

* Solo swimmers and couples should take cognisance of the warning sign, i.e. to mind bumping their heads on the sandstone at high tide! Cautious visitors have, rather wisely, taken to tossing a coin into the water, and making a wish for everlasting love.

Its name

It is said that the legend was started by a French tourist who swam there with her soul mate. She explored the area, discovered the first cave in the sea, and called it Canal D’Amour.

Historical data and sea caves

Traces of a Neolithic settlement, dating back to 3000 BC, have been found in the area.
There are however many sea caves, which are of interest, not only to archaeologists, but also present a wonderful challenge for diving enthusiasts.

Canal D’amour is headlined worldwide as one of the most popular tourist attractions on Corfu. The clay deposits, from the sandstone erosion, are purported to have healing and detoxifying properties.

Whether you visit for health or romantic reasons, Canal D’Amour will remain in your very fond memories of the island of Corfu.

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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