Gaitanouri is one of the most beautiful fish in our country, so impressive that it is easier to believe that it is a tropical species than a cute, common fish in our area. Its scientific name is Thalassoma Pavo and it belongs to the species or family of Labridae.

We will never tire of coming across it; it lives in warm waters, on reefs with vegetation and can very easily be seen in rocky parts of the seabed with Poseidonia and seaweed. We find it at shallow depths, practically from half a metre but usually up to 20 metres. It can however be found at depths of up to 100 metres.

In order to confuse us a little, the Thalassoma male is different from the female. The females have 4-5 vertical green-blue stripes, blue lines on the head and a beautiful yellow-orange trunk. Males have a robust green trunk with yellow and red thin stripes, bright blue-orange and red on the face. They are a burst of colour!

The male Gaitanouri has a harem; controlling from two to 20 females and guards and patrols his area… he has obligations, many obligations!

Enjoy a swim in the wonderful seas of Corfu, get a mask and just indulge in the refreshing observation of the marine world, which is so relaxing.

Let’s see such beautiful Thalassoma, swimming around with their colourful and playful darting; around tiny algae, nibbling on shrimp, creating a colourful and enthusiastic realm for us to partake in.

Mask, respirator and let’s go…. amazing underwater adventures await you!

Text Editor: Stamatis Gkinis, Hydrobiologist
Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Spiros Gkinis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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