Located in olive groves at the southern foot of Mount Pantokrator Agios Mattheos and at an altitude of 60 m. Is the special cave Grava Gardiki.

While it is 300 meters away from the Byzantine fortification of Gardiki, their historical significance and the information they give make them reference points for the southern part of the island.

The cave

It is a horizontal cave about 20 meters long, which has two entrances.

Due to the fall of the rocks on its southeast side, one can assume that in the past the area of ​​the cave was larger than the image one sees today.

The findings of the excavations

The cave has aroused archaeological interest and after excavations and studies, stone tools made of flint, a perforated deer fang and remains of prey animals that were processed inside the cave were discovered.

The findings are placed chronologically in the Upper Paleolithic period, ie at 20,000-13,000 years before today.

According to archaeologist Aikaterini Trantalidou, the bones of animals come from the families of deer, horses, cattle, coyotes (wild boar) and carnivores, while their presence is largely in line with geological evidence, according to which, during the last glacial periods, Corfu was united with the opposite Epirus.


Ekaterini Trantalidou “Grava Cave” http://odysseus.culture.gr

Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
Photography: Αλέξανδρος Μελίδης
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