A part of the island that is worth knowing through the photographic evidence provided by a research team that climbed there and made some impressive photos. “Dare to explore”  the Cave Katsouri, through the photos and the information that has been collected about this mysterious place at Corfu island.

Corfu is blessed with places of impressive beauty but some of those should remain a mystery because of how dangerous they are to reach, one of them is the Katsouri cave in the area of ​​Glyfa. The cave is located between Barbati and Nissaki at Glyfa, on the lower slopes of Mount Pantokrator.
The research that has given us evidence about its existence was made by Giannis Vasilakis, Alexandros Melidis and the speleologist René van Vliet , at the beginning of October 2018.

The cave is located many meters above the sea and we do not recommend for anyone to try and approach it,reaching it can be very dangerous. The most safe exploration to this cave is through the images and information we drew from its exploration, from the special trained team that researched it in 2018.
Their research revealed that the cave contains countless stalactites on its roof, creating a spectacle of unique beauty. The stalactites in many places have joined the stalagmites and have formed walls that look like thick columns. According to them, bones were also found inside the cave.

"There are little debris in the cave, probably from a Late Geometric amphora, some bones were also found under a very large piece of rock that seems to have collapsed."

According to what is said about the cave by the inhabitants of the surrounding areas, legend has it that in the past that pirates climbed to this cave and killed all of those people who used it as a shelter to hide from the attacks of the pirate ships.

The entrance of the cave is a small 70×90 cm hole that can be reached after climbing the low and steep levels of Mount Pantokrator.
In the 2018 research the speleologist René van Vliet estimated that there were also another 2 to 3 rooms in the cave, the size of which has not been determined until today due to the morphology of the cave that makes it difficult to explore extensively.

One thing is for sure, this cave is definately home for the bats, keeping the secrets of this mysterious cave of Corfu well hidden.


Research: Vasilakis Giannis, Melidis Alexandros. https://www.facebook.com/Imagesalx/

Speleologist: René van Vliet  https://www.speleocorfu.com/katsouris-cave/

Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
Photography: Αλέξανδρος Μελίδης
Photography: René van Vliet
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