The semi-mountainous traditional settlement of Kouspades is a beautiful village, in the south of Corfu, a stone’s throw from the seaside settlement of Boukari.

A main feature of Kouspades is its old olive trees and the tall impressive cypress trees. If you cross its streets you will surely notice the elements that testifies the existence of Venetians in its architecturally special buildings and in the narrow streets that characterize most parts of the island of Corfu.

The name of the settlement Kouspades

The name of the settlement is connected with the Corfiot confidant of the Venetian commander who bore the name “Kouspas”. His influence was so great that he managed to form the settlement of Kouspades consisting of people chosen by him who would serve their interests at the time.

The inhabitants and their occupations, then and now

In many bibliographic reports the inhabitants of the settlement of Kouspades are distinguished for their hard work and love for tradition. The years before the tourist development of the area they chose to take care of their houses, to cultivate the land and to produce their own wine and olive oil, as in many other traditional villages of the island.

Their involvement in fishing was inevitable, being that close to the seaside settlement of Boukari. There are many stories referring to the habits of the locals in the past when after a full day of work, they use to gather in the  traditional cafes of the village to enjoy local wine and salted sardines as an appetizer, singing along Corfiot songs, a habit that we come across also at ​​Vlachatika, a little village in North Corfu where in the past the fishermen of the closest area of Kouloura and Kalami used to have the same habit of gathering and singing traditional songs.

Nowadays, the inhabitants are keeping most of their traditions focusing also in the tourist development of the area which led them to the modernization of many houses and the creation of restaurants and accommodations that monopolize their interest, especially during the summer months.

The complete experience of living in a traditional village of Corfu.

We totally recommend you to visit Kouspades at any time of the year, the winter landscape highlighting the hazy colors of nature seem to surround it and beautify it from side to side.

In spring, a clearer horizon will enchant you with the magnificent view of the coastal Boukari seen from above, while in the summer you will be able to enjoy its beaches and taste delicious traditional dishes and appetizers by the sea.

Do not forget to visit the nearby destinations of the village Kouspades, such as the largest village of Argyrades with the old mansions but also excursions to the nearby beaches of Issos, with the famous dunes and Chalikounas with the endless sandy beach and the view of Korission Lagoon,  the most important wetland of Corfu.


Vlachopoulos Dimitrios KOUSPADES: A beautiful traditional village of South Corfu.

Littleiremia Kouspades


Photography: littleiremia
Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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