The beautiful island of Corfu is full of historical treasures and mysteries that invite every visitor to discover.

The Nerantzicha tower

The ancient city of the island was defined by walls built during the 5th century BC, in fact, it is recorded that the Corinthian Hersikratis founded the ancient city in a southern part of the city of Corfu as we know it today. Its foundation dates back to 734 BC, in the area there are many monuments that confirm the existence of the ancient city, one of them is the Tower of Neratzicha.

The Virgin Mary of Neratzicha church

The original shape of this tower was rectangular and according to reports by Mr. G. Sourtzinos, as it appears from documents of 1589 inside the tower one there was of the oldest Byzantine churches, the Virgin Mary of Neratzicha.
This monument is important as it has characteristics of two different eras, the classical and the Byzantine. The tower was transformed during the Byzantine years into a single-aisled basilica of small dimensions, decorated with an arch and ceramic details.
In 1900 the bell tower and the western wall collapsed, but the wall and the icon of the Virgin Mary that were in the church are preserved.

The part of the tower and the icon of Virgin Mary are located behind the current cemetery of Garitsa on a small hill located on the west of the temple of Artemis, many people who are into history or wish to visit the place where the icon of Virgin Mary of  Nerantzicha is, visit it every year.

Source Panagia Nerantzicha

Sourtzinos, X. George (2006) “Kerkyra tzxidi sto xrono” The Tower of Neratzicha p.100

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Alexandros Melidis
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