A narrow strip of land separates these two, most enchanting beaches of the island.
Although so close to one another, one beach is completely different from the other, in the colour of their waters and even in their temperature. The small one is Limni and the big one is Porto Timoni.

One beach has wonderful turquoise-blue waters and the other dark aquamarine blue with the shades of green, lush vegetation surrounding them, a stark contrast, giving them both another unique characteristic. They have remained totally unspoilt by tourist development.

How to get to Porto Timoni and what to look out for

Porto Timoni beaches are not that easily accessible as other beaches on the island. The route starts from the square of the village of Afionas which is located near Agios Georgios Pagon. It is about a twenty minute walk, down a fairly steep path, to the beaches.

Your reward will be the unparalleled beauty of the view. You will find these two totally unspoiled and unorganized beaches, so should you need an umbrella or a picnic blanket, you need to bring your own. You are also advised to have the right shoes for your safe descent and ascent.

Porto Timoni is also accessible by boat. Boat hire is available at Agios Georgios Pagon.

We of course suggest that you should never leave any garbage beahind you, so do not forget to pick up your litter and toss it in a rubbish bin later on.

Porto Timoni is a beautiful work of nature, which should be preserved for future generations.

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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