The beach was much beloved by Emperor William II, also known as Kaiser Wilhelm II, due to it having such crystal clear waters.

One does not even have to snorkel to see the fish below its surface! It is so translucent that they are visible from above.

The beach at Benitses is small but with a long history, as the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, bathed on this beach. His title, was given to the bridge he built, Kaiser Bridge, to afford him direct access, from his palace in Achilleion, to the sea.

The bridge was built in the 20th Century. It is well preserved although the middle section of the arch is missing, having been destroyed, by the Germans during World War Two, to allow their tanks and vehicles access on the coastal road.

The crystal clear waters of Benitses beach

The beach may not be impressive in size but it will impress with its crystal clear waters. The reason for this is an aquatic plant “Poseidonia” which filters the harmful substances from the water. This plant looks similar to seaweed, its green fronds, with time, turning dark brown and separating from the actual plant. It both oxygenates and purifies the water. We can therefore deduce that it is found only in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.

Facilities and accommodation near Benitses beach

Benitses is a fully organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. It was awarded a Blue Flag by the European Union for the cleanliness and water quality. The sea does get deep very rapidly, so is not suitable for small children.

Close to the beach is the settlement of Moraitika and the coastal villages of Boukari and Petriti to the southern part of the island.

Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
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