A fairytale setting with an exceptional view.

The Palace Garden was built in 1833 and access was once forbidden to the public, only the nobles could walk in the garden and enjoy the beauty and the serenity it offers.

Years after its construction, access became free to everybody and thus its name prevailed as “The Garden of the People” this fact was celebrated with an important event that took place on May 21, 1984.

The Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu

Inside the Garden of the People there are often exhibitions of various artists and events that take place at the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu and there is also a cafe in the back side with a beautiful view at its yard available also for events, such as wedding ceremonies and baptisms.

The Municipal Art Gallery has been operating since 1995 and houses several exhibits of great importance, it also houses works of Corfiot painters of the 19th and 20th century, while some of its furniture comes from Mon Repo and in the past was used by the royal family of Greece, which is an additional remarkable detail that is worth knowing for the visitors of the Gallery.

The former Palace Garden as one can easily assume, hosts rare plants, and is decorated with tropical septoles, pines, cypresses, eucalyptus and palm trees.

"The Queen Ladder"

The aerial staircase, named The Queen Ladder, on the right side of the garden, was made of wrought iron, was once used by the Greek royal family to go down to the baths of Faliraki.

Today, this staircase is not accessible, as it would be very dangerous for anyone to use it, but it certainly creates a wonderful backdrop for taking photos at the beautiful landscape as it is overlooking Faliraki and the island of Vidos.

Photography: Marilia Makri
Text Editor: Eddie Kastamonitis
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