Just 12 kilometers from the city centre, the charming village of Pelekas is located on a green hill with stunning, unobstructed sea views.

In a privileged, elevated position, this very special area, between the north and east side of the island, has beautiful views of Corfu.


Famous for its sunsets and beaches, it is a magnetic attraction for visitors and an integral part of all summer getaways to the island.

The famous Kaiser Observatory

In 1907, Emperor William II, so smitten with the island of Corfu, bought and renovated Sissy’s Achilleion Palace. It is rumoured that he was so passionate about the magnificent 360 degree view of Corfu from Pelekas that he chose it as the site to build his own palace. This never came to fruition.

However,  shortly before his death in 1914, as a token of his love for Corfu, he left a unique gift for the locals and visitors to the island, with the construction of the observatory, where he found peace and solitude and enjoyed the view of the island and the beauties of nature with which she is blessed.

In addition to being called the “Kaiser Observatory”, this lookout point is also called the “Kaiser Throne”.

Pelekas as a tourist destination

If there is one thing that you realize with your visit to the village of Pelekas, it is the familiarization of the locals with the visitors and their extreme hospitality towards them.
The narrow village streets are bordered with tavernas, cafe-bars and restaurants with delightful views.

The beach with which Pelekas is connected, is that of Kontogialos, located one and a half kilometers from the village. It is an idyllic, seemingly endless, golden, sandy beach with inviting, crystal clear, turquoise waters and scattered rocks on one end; it creates a truly magical landscape.

Nearby is the sandy beach of Glyfada, with its own special vistas, another great locale for summer getaways filled with sun and sea. There are also water sports available at this beach.

Both beaches are fully organized and ideal for lovers of water sports. They also cater for gastronomes, with restaurants, tavernas and beach bars that give a different slant on flavours. With music and frequent organized events to make for a most memorable summer, Pelekas is a lovely choice.


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Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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