With the clearest waters of the Ionian Sea and the long sandy beach, Kontogialos seems to complete the village of Pelekas, adding more to its beauty. It is no surprise that another name of Kontogialos beach is Pelekas Beach.

Going down the steep hill you can see the wonderful colors of the scenery and its often calm waters while more than 30 meters of this beautiful sandy beach unfolds in before your eyes.

The landscape is framed by the wonderful olive groves, pines and hills ideal for all the nature lovers.

Activities and facilities

With rooms to let and hotel units for guests but also beach bar, taverns and restaurants by the sea definitely provides what you will need and more.

For sports lovers there are many options in several parts of the beach to choose from, while you can always choose to play beach volleyball with your friends at a small beach volley court that they have on the beach, or try some of the activities provided for memorable summer moments.

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: shutterstock
Photography: Eddie kastamonitis
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