One of the most beautiful squares of Old Corfu Town is to be found in the Kampielo quarter, located in front of the church of Panagia Kremasti, with the characteristic Venetian well in the centre.

The Venetian well

The well that can be seen in Kremastis Square, through the picturesque walkways of the Old Town, is a feature of many squares on the island,  since before the construction of the Corfu aqueduct, by the English Commissioner Adam, the city was irrigated by cisterns.

The elegant trough of the well with the decorative, relief sculptures, was a donation made in 1669, by Antonios Kokkinis and is most impressive.

The Holy Temple of Panagia Kremasti

The church of Panagia Kremastis is a beautiful, majestic Church, located in Kremastis Square in Kampielos.

The stone elements and unique images inside, as well as details such as its marble iconostasis and its characteristic oil lamp that hangs outside the church, are sure to make the beholder feel awe and reverence.

Food and accommodation

Even if you have not found the exact location of Kremasti Square on the map of Corfu, and have wandered the narrow streets of the Old Town, asking for directions and chatting to the friendly locals, it is certain that you would have heard of the amazing, historic, Michelin Star awarded “Venetian Well” restaurant with its refined flavours.

In addition to the wonderful photos that you will take at the point, there are many scattered accommodations for your stay, so that you can make a trip back in time, like old Corfiots in the Venetian mansions of the city that have been renovated with all the necessary amenities.

Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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