Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu Town
Corfu Art Gallery
The first private initiative for studying the visual arts of Corfu island

A special characteristic of Corfu Art Gallery is that it focuses on the history of Corfiot art, from the 19th […]

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant
Set sails for your most dreamy tasty trip

Its idyllic location is unique and curated by the Venetians who created the Old Fortress, the jewel of the island, […]

SightseeingGouviaCentral Corfu
Gouvia Marina
One of the most famous marina's in the world!

Gouvia Marina is considered by the seamen the harbour and the bay of Gouvia as a natural link between the […]

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu Town
Corfu Museum of Asian Art
The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George houses Far East and India.

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George houses the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, the only one of its […]

Adelia’s Cook Interview
Today we are talking to Corfu Press’s new author, Adelia Cook

” I first fell in love with Greece in 1979 when I visited Athens with my parents. It was our […]

Culinary Corfu

If you have discerning culinary taste buds Corfu is one of the best islands to visit.

The enchanting Paradise beach “Chomoi” at Liapades

No one can deny the fact that the name “Paradise” can describe the crystal clear waters, the rocky formations and […]

Romantic Lefkada

A destination you will certainly fall in love with, from its beaches, the sunsets that you will enjoy in any location […]

Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach

For those looking for a quiet, tranquil setting away from bustling resorts and madding crowds, Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach is […]

Underwater life
Sea Anemone
A special kind of animal

Sea anemones are a group of coelenterate polyps whose shape is similar to a flower.

Central Corfu
One of the most organized and oldest tourist resorts in Corfu

The tourist area of Dassia is one of the most popular destinations on Corfu and extends over the homonymous beach […]

The picturesque seaside town of northwestern Greece

Aroma of Italy, reminiscent of Positano Amalfi coast and tempting you to explore beautiful Parga.

Underwater lifeLefkimmiAgios MattheosSidariBenitses
The sea turtle caretta caretta
Frequently found at the western sandy beaches and eastern coasts of the island

The loggerhead turtle is an endangered species protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Plants & Flowers
Pistacia lentiscus, the Mastic Tree
The shrub with the aromatic resin

Pistacia lentiscus, more commonly known as the mastic tree, is an aromatic shrub or small tree that grows 1 -6 […]

The Corfiot costume
The jewel of tradition and culture of Corfu
The history of Thomas’s Place at Kalami

Thomas’s Place is a destination for all those who love tradition, tranquility and Greek and local cuisine overlooking the sea.

The delightful little beetles that protect our garden

Ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) are beetles (Coleoptera). They belong to the Coccinellidae family and are also known as “ladybugs”.

Crested Lark (Galerida Cristata)
A common bird of the Corfiot countryside

The crested lark is a common bird of the Corfiot countryside which also breeds across Cyprus, Europe, Asia and Northern […]

Plants & Flowers
Wild Orchid
Α small yet magical flower

Orchids are monocotyledons under the angiosperm family of Orchidaceae.

Sights & AttractionsCorfu Town
Kremasti Square
The Venetian Well and the majestic Church

Surrounded by the enchanting alleys of Corfu, Kremastis Square is a place where you will want to lose yourself in […]


From the ancient city of Corfu, to the remarkable places that you must discover!

The European Pond Turtle
A water turtle that adorns the Corfiot wetlands

It is called a swamp turtle or pond turtle because of the characteristic patterns it carries on its body.

Underwater life
Gaitanouri (Thalassoma pavo)
Well...it is not tropical

Gaitanouri is one of the most beautiful fish in our country, so impressive that it is easier to believe that […]

The frog of Corfiot wetlands

The island of Corfu, due to the frequent rains, has a number of small wetlands that host many organisms, both […]

Diapontia Islands
A quiet vacation while exploring a lush paradise

Ereikousa is the northernmost point of the Ionian Islands and the second largest island in the Diapontian Islands, situated about […]

Diapontia Islands
The small, earthly paradise at the westernmost tip of Greece

Paths and dirt roads, surrounded by lush vegetation, connect the coast to the interior thus making the island a paradise […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuKanoni
Vlacherna Monastery
One of the most famous sights of the island

An attraction for hundreds of visitors and one of the trademark points that enchanted even the directors of major film […]

Central Corfu
An oasis of calm and beauty in one of the elite areas of Corfu

Kommeno is one of the most popular areas of the island where the holiday homes of many local and foreign, […]

Passage to the most beautiful places of Corfu!

The seaside tourist resort with the unobstructed view of Corfu’s landmarks, Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonisi

North Corfu
Τhe ideal destination with unique natural beauty and crystal clear waters

Nissaki is a quiet, seaside village, built in one of the most beautiful areas, on the northeast side of Corfu.

South CorfuArgyrades
Saint George of Argyrades
The tourist resort with the award-winning Blue Flag sandy beach

The tourist resort with the award-winning Blue Flag sandy beach.

North Corfu
The atmospheric village that hides one of the most impressive beaches in the world

Very unlike Sidari, with its cosmopolitan air, Peroulades exudes romance and serenity.

The beautiful traditional settlement in southern Corfu

The characteristic architechture of the houses, the rich history and the revival of the customs of the area, that make […]

Central Corfu
The typical Corfiot village with "Bella Vista"

On the slope of an extremely steep, verdant mountain, high above the enchanting bays of Paleokastritsa is the quaint, very […]

Central Corfu
The popular tourist resort with the homonymous marina

Gouvia is a modern, small and comprehensive village a short 8 km distance from the city of Corfu, equipped to […]

North Corfu
Old Peritheia
A trip to the historic ghost village

Many visitors to the island are unaware of the existence of the oldest and most important village of interest, located […]

Central Corfu
Glyfada beach
The popular beach with its' fine golden sand

The cosmopolitan beach of Glyfada with its golden, sandy beach, crystalline waters and beautiful landscape is situated on the west […]

Central CorfuPelekas
Summer moments on the endless sandy beach

With the endless sandy beach and the crystal clear waters that was once loved by the hippies and since then […]

Landscape surrendered to the magic of the sunset

The emperor of Germany, Kaiser William II, chose this as his favourite place to enjoy the view of Corfu and […]

North Corfu
Agios Georgios Pagon
Τhe peaceful bay in Northern Corfu

A coastal settlement on the island of Corfu, a spectacularly beautiful bay that forms a huge horseshoe shape, framed by […]

Fortresses & CastlesCentral Corfu
Mon Repo
The palace built in an oasis of Green

Situated just a few kilometres from Corfu Town it is a lovely verdant area to relax at or just amble […]

Fortresses & CastlesCentral Corfu
Old Fortress
The most imposing monument in Corfu

Built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills (Corifes), it is positioned at the eastern end of the citadel.

Corfu Town
Swimming with a view of the Old Fortress

Located below Old Corfu Town, Faliraki has one of the loveliest views of the Old Fortress.

SiniesNorth Corfu
Agios Stefanos Sinion
A luxury resort on the northeast side of Corfu

Agios Stefanos Signion is a traditional fishing village with a picturesque harbour nestled in a stunningly prolific area.

North Corfu
Τhe village on the golden beach

Between the areas of Agios Stefanos Avlioton and Agios Georgios Pagon the coastal settlement of Arillas, with its renowned and […]

North Corfu
Escape to a magical picturesque bay

The village of Kalami, on the northeastern side of Corfu is an absolutely ideal destination for escape from everyday life, […]

South CorfuVitalades
Gardenos Beach
the river between the endless sandy beach

From its river to the vast sandy beach, Gardenos beach will host your idyllic or family moments.

North Corfu
Τhe historic village with colourful houses and special beaches

This charming, antiquated village has many renovated and well-kept houses with characteristic bright paint colours and is harmonized with the […]

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa
Monastery of Paleokastritsa

The monastery of the Holy Theotokos, also known as Paleokastritsa Monastery, is one of the oldest in Corfu, dating to […]

Marathias Beach

The beach of Marathias undoubtedly has it all! This long, wide, sandy beach has crystal clear waters and fun activities, […]

North Corfu
The "jewel" of Corfu with its incomparable beauty

Fabulous Paleokastritsa is one of the most recognizable and striking destinations of the Ionian Islands having even been used in […]

Canal D’amour
A special masterpiece of nature.

Headlined worldwide as one of the most popular tourist attractions on Corfu. The clay deposits, from the sandstone erosion, are […]

North Corfu
The picturesque village with a rich tradition

A characteristic element of the village is its two peaks, on each of which a church is positioned, one the […]

North Corfu
Surrounded by a unique landscape of wild beauty

Sidari is one of the most popular and lively tourist resorts on the island, particularly favoured by British tourists.

North Corfu
The beaches of Paleokastritsa

Wonderful shades of blue from the crystal clear waters, golden sands and the green of the pines, in a combination […]


A popular, modern, tourist resort that combines calm with vibrancy, built around a picturesque, natural bay, with a 5 kilometre […]

One of the most beautiful traditional villages in Greece

Its mainly Venetian architecture and the harmonious colours of the houses distinguish Chlomos from all the other villages of the […]


Vitalades is a picturesque village in the southern part of the island with traditional houses, cafes and grocery stores, reminiscent […]

South Corfu
Korission Lagoon

The Korission wetland area is an amazing treasure of nature, with Halikounas beach on its west bank and the amazing […]

Porta – Meggoulas – Santa
The traditional settlements of Sinies with the magnificent view

The mountainous part of Sinies consists of scattered villages and settlements perched on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator.

The English village with Corfiot antiquity

It is a perfect destination for tourists who want to enjoy the isolation, tranquility, endless sea views and abundant wildlife.

North Corfu
Combining mountain and sea

Today, when we say Sinies, we are referring to the former community of Sinia, which begins after the area of […]

Agios Mattheos
Agios Mattheos
the traditional settlement with a rich history

This amphitheatrically built 16th century settlement with its rich history, is characterized by its picturesque alleys, old stone mansions, newer […]

South Corfu
The quiet fishing village of southern Corfu

The harbour, the calm, azure, crystal-clear waters, the natural shade of the tall olive, eucalyptus and cypress trees, and the […]

Diapontia Islands
The Diapontia Islands
A tucked away island complex with jagged coastlines at the westernmostpoint of Greece.

The Diapontia islands are located in the Ionian Sea, at the westernmost point of Greece, just 10 km away from […]