Plants & Flowers

The Corfiot mushrooms

They belong to a group of organisms called FUNGI and have special characteristics.

Diapontia Islands

The Diapontia Islands

A tucked away island complex with jagged coastlines at the westernmostpoint of Greece.

The Diapontia islands are located in the Ionian Sea, at the westernmost point of Greece, just 10 km away from […]

North Corfu


Α family resort in North Corfu

One of the oldest villages in Corfu, and one of the most popular family resorts, as it harmoniously combines tradition […]

South CorfuBoukari


The quiet fishing village of southern Corfu

The harbour, the calm, azure, crystal-clear waters, the natural shade of the tall olive, eucalyptus and cypress trees, and the […]

Agios Mattheos

Agios Mattheos

The traditional settlement with a rich history.

Picturesque alleys, old stone mansions, newer colourful houses, beautiful churches and pretty squares set in the lush, green landscape surrounds […]

North Corfu


Combining mountain and sea

Today, when we say Sinies, we are referring to the former community of Sinia, which begins after the area of […]



The English village with Corfiot antiquity

It is a perfect destination for tourists who want to enjoy the isolation, tranquility, endless sea views and abundant wildlife.


Porta – Meggoulas – Santa

The traditional settlements of Sinies with the magnificent view

The mountainous part of Sinies consists of scattered villages and settlements perched on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator. Some of […]

South CorfuLefkimmi


The lord of the south

Lefkimmi, the largest town and the center of the southern part of the island, with different landscapes, olive groves, beaches […]

North Corfu


The "small town" on the north coast of Corfu

The largest centre in the northern region of Corfu, located between the areas of Kassiopi and Roda.

South CorfuKavos


the heart of the nightlife

Kavos, a place intertwined with nightlife on the island of Corfu, blessed with calm, shallow waters and sandy beaches.

LakesSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

Korission Lagoon

Korission Lagoon is a wetland area, amazing treasure of nature, with Chalikounas beach on its west bank and the amazing […]

South CorfuVitalades


Vitalades is a picturesque village in the southern part of the island with traditional houses, cafes and grocery stores, reminiscent […]

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth CorfuKassiopi

Holy Church of Panagia Kassopitra

Miracles and history

Panagia Kassopitra, a pilgrimage, through time and religion for Greeks and foreigners who seek a location with the ability to […]

North Corfu


The cosmopolitan resort with the charm of the Byzantine era

Kassiopi, one of the most developed areas of North Corfu with a picturesque harbour, picture perfect bays and lovely beaches.

Fortresses & CastlesNorth CorfuKassiopi

The Byzantine Castle of Kassiopi

One of the most imposing architectural remains in the Ionian Islands

The Byzantine Kassiopi Castle is one of the oldest monuments and considered to be one of the most imposing architectural […]

South CorfuChlomos


One of the most beautiful traditional villages in Greece

Its mainly Venetian architecture and the harmonious colours of the houses distinguish Chlomos from all the other villages of the […]

South CorfuMoraitika


Moraitika is a popular, modern, tourist resort that combines calm with vibrancy.

BeachesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Top 6 beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa

These are the Top 6 beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa that will definitely enchant you!

North Corfu


Surrounded by a unique landscape of wild beauty

Sidari is one of the most popular and lively tourist resorts on the island, particularly favoured by British tourists.

North CorfuAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Agios Stefanos Avlioton

The small seaside village with its golden sandy beach

Agios Stefanos Avlioton is an ideal choice for those looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday

BeachesSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon


A golden paradise on the southwest coast of Corfu

Nature has blessed this area with a vast expanse of golden sand beside the great waves of the sea, while […]

BeachesSouth Corfu

Issos beach

The famous dunes at the Southwest coast of Corfu

An experience that will enchant you, the beautiful sandy beach and the unique dunes as well as the refreshing water […]

BeachesCentral Corfu

Agios Gordios

The enchanting combination of the imposing, green, mountain backdrop and azure waters rank Agios Gordios amongst the favorite summer destinations.

North Corfu


The picturesque village with a rich tradition

A characteristic element of the village Avliotes is its two peaks, on each of which a church is positioned, one […]

BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades

Canal D’amour

A special masterpiece of nature.

Canal D’amour, headlined worldwide as one of the most popular tourist attractions on Corfu! Its clay deposits, from the sandstone […]

BeachesNorth CorfuAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach

The long sandy beach with the turquoise waters and the various facilities that are provided are some of the reasons […]

BeachesNorth CorfuAfionas

Porto Timoni

The exotic double beaches with the amazing, crystal clear waters

The two beaches of Porto Timoni are a unique creation of nature. Both are equally beautiful and reaching Porto Timoni […]

North Corfu


The "jewel" of Corfu with its incomparable beauty

Fabulous Paleokastritsa is one of the most recognizable and striking destinations of the Ionian Islands having even been used in […]

South Corfu


The beach of Marathias undoubtedly has it all! This long, wide, sandy beach has crystal clear waters and fun activities, […]

Fortresses & CastlesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa


One of the most important Byzantine castles in Greece

It is located in the northwestern part of Corfu, near Paleokastritsa, and is located on top of a rock formation, […]

BeachesSouth CorfuKavos

Kavos beach

Undoubtedly the nightlife capital and busiest, party destination on the island of Corfu.

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa Monastery

The monastery of the Holy Theotokos

Paleokastritsa Monastery is one of the oldest in Corfu, dating to 1225.

Central CorfuBenitses

Benitses Beach

The beach loved by the Emperor William II

Benitses Beach is the favorite beach of Emperor Wilhelm II, also known as Kaiser.

BeachesNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Limni beach

The wild beauty of an unexplored paradise

Two beautiful beaches, one name! Explore Limni beach, an oasis of wild beauty, where the two beaches are connected to […]

North Corfu


Τhe historic village with colourful houses and special beaches

This charming, antiquated village has many renovated and well-kept houses with characteristic bright paint colours and is harmonized with the […]

BeachesSouth CorfuVitalades

Gardenos Beach

the river between the endless sandy beach

From its river to the vast sandy beach, Gardenos beach will host your idyllic or family moments.

BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

Erimitis beach

A miracle of nature

If you do not believe in miracles, here you will change your mind, an amazing masterpiece of nature spreads along […]

North Corfu


Escape to a magical picturesque bay

The village of Kalami, on the northeastern side of Corfu is an absolutely ideal destination for escape from everyday life, […]

North Corfu


Diving in the turquoise waters of Barbati beach

The beauty of the green Greek landscape meets the blue of the Ionian Sea at Barbati.

North Corfu


Τhe village on the golden beach

Between the areas of Agios Stefanos Avlioton and Agios Georgios Pagon the coastal settlement of Arillas, with its renowned and […]

Central Corfu


Palm trees, beautiful clear turquoise waters and facilities designed for the entertainment of the visitor.

North CorfuSinies

Agios Stefanos Sinion

A luxury resort on the northeast side of Corfu

Agios Stefanos Sinion is a traditional fishing village with a picturesque harbour nestled in a stunningly prolific area.

BeachesCorfu TownOld Town


Swimming with a view of the Old Fortress

Located below Old Corfu Town, Faliraki has one of the loveliest views of the Old Fortress.

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi

Top 5 beaches of Kassiopi

5 enchanting beaches with crystal clear waters

Unique, beautiful and all different, these are the top 5 beaches of Kassiopi beaches that are worth visiting on your […]

BeachesCorfu TownMon Repo

Mon Repos beach

A dive back in time

From the famous Mon Repo, to the beach with the colors of the trees that will cool you down and […]

North Corfu


A village of another era with a special beauty

Picturesque alleys, traditional stone houses and the beautiful bridges of the semi-mountainous, traditional village of Sokraki give it its special […]

Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownOld Town

Old Fortress

The most imposing monument in Corfu

Built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills (Corifes), Old Fortress is positioned at the eastern end of the […]

Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownMon Repo

Mon Repo

The palace built in an oasis of Green

Situated just a few kilometres from Corfu Town, Mon Repo is a lovely verdant area to relax at or just […]

Fortresses & CastlesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

New Fortress

The masterpiece of fortification art

The New Fortress or Fortress of Agios Markos is today considered the most well-preserved fortress complex in Greece.

Central Corfu


An area inextricably linked to the Orthodox faith of the inhabitants.

A visitor to Potamos will be struck by the intense faith of the inhabitants and the stories they relate of […]

Central Corfu


From the Homeric references on your map for exploration

Green rock formations, crystal clear waters, fine sand and pebbles, in a literally mythical landscape.

Central Corfu


The traditional settlement with the famous attraction of Achilleion Palace

The traditional settlement Gastouri, that is worth exploring, the view, the rich vegetation, the traditions and celebrations but also the […]

Fortresses & CastlesCentral CorfuGastouri

Achilleion Palace

One of the most impressive sights in Greece

Achilleion Palace is located 10 km outside the city of Corfu next to Gastouri village, in a landscape filled with […]

North Corfu

Agios Georgios Pagon

Τhe peaceful bay in Northern Corfu

A coastal settlement on the island of Corfu, a spectacularly beautiful bay that forms a huge horseshoe shape, framed by […]

Central Corfu


Landscape surrendered to the magic of the sunset

The emperor of Germany, Kaiser William II, chose this as his favourite place to enjoy the view of Corfu and […]

BeachesCentral CorfuPelekas


Summer moments on the endless sandy beach

With the endless sandy beach and the crystal clear waters, once loved by the hippies and loved by all of […]

BeachesCentral CorfuGlyfada

Glyfada beach

The popular beach with its' fine golden sand

The cosmopolitan beach of Glyfada with its golden, sandy beach, crystalline waters and beautiful landscape is situated on the west […]

North Corfu

Old Peritheia

A trip to the historic ghost village

Many visitors to the island are unaware of the existence of the oldest and most important village of interest, Old […]

Central Corfu


The popular tourist resort with the homonymous marina

Gouvia is a modern, small and comprehensive village a short 8 km distance from the city of Corfu, equipped to […]

North Corfu


The typical Corfiot village with "Bella Vista"

On the slope of an extremely steep, verdant mountain, high above the enchanting bays of Paleokastritsa is the quaint, very […]

North Corfu


The traditional, historic settlement with its majestic beauty

Villages of great interest are hidden above the cosmopolitan resort of Paleokastritsa. These villages have been described as a “traditional […]

South CorfuArgyrades


The beautiful traditional settlement in southern Corfu

The characteristic architechture of the houses, the rich history and the revival of the customs of the area, that make […]

North Corfu


The atmospheric village that hides one of the most impressive beaches in the world

Discover Peroulades, romance and serenity, a village with a strong Venetian element and some of the most impressive beaches in […]

South Corfu

Saint George of Argyrades

The touristic resort with the award-winning Blue Flag sandy beach

A beloved summer destination for locals and visitors, Saint George of Argyrades – Agios Georgios, provides more than enough to […]

North Corfu


Τhe ideal destination with unique natural beauty and crystal clear waters

Nissaki is a quiet, seaside village, built in one of the most beautiful areas, on the northeast side of Corfu.

Central Corfu


Passage to the most beautiful places of Corfu!

The seaside tourist resort with the unobstructed view of Corfu’s landmarks, Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonisi

Central Corfu


An oasis of calm and beauty in one of the elite areas of Corfu

Kommeno is one of the most popular areas of the island where the holiday homes of many local and foreign, […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownKanoni

Vlacherna Monastery

One of the most famous sights of the island

An attraction for hundreds of visitors and one of the trademark points that enchanted even the directors of major film […]

Diapontia Islands


The small, earthly paradise at the westernmost tip of Greece

Paths and dirt roads, surrounded by lush vegetation, connect the coast to the interior thus making the island a paradise […]

Diapontia Islands


A quiet vacation while exploring a lush paradise

Ereikousa is the northernmost point of the Ionian Islands and the second largest island in the Diapontian Islands, situated about […]

Diapontia Islands


Absolute peace and heavenly silence on the island where time stops

Mathraki is the smallest of the Diapontia islands. It is a diminutive, but insurmountably beautiful, island where time has stopped […]


The frog of Corfiot wetlands

The island of Corfu, due to the frequent rains, has a number of small wetlands that host many organisms, both […]

Underwater Life

Gaitanouri (Thalassoma pavo)

Well...it is not tropical

Gaitanouri is one of the most beautiful fish in our country, so impressive that it is easier to believe that […]


The European Pond Turtle

A water turtle that adorns the Corfiot wetlands

It is called a swamp turtle or pond turtle because of the characteristic patterns it carries on its body.



From the ancient city of Corfu, to the remarkable places that you must discover!

SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Kremasti Square

The Venetian Well and the majestic Church

Surrounded by the enchanting alleys of Corfu, Kremastis Square is a place where you will want to lose yourself in […]

Paxos - Antipaxos

Tribute, Paxoi and Antipaxoi

Beaches, natural landscape, attractions, religious and cultural events

In the Ionian Sea, 7 miles south of Corfu, and 12 miles west of Parga there is an archipelago of […]

MountainsNorth Corfu


The highest mountain of Corfu with picturesque villages and stunning views

Mount Pantokratoras is the highest mountain of Corfu at an altitude of 917 metres above sea level.

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth Corfu

Holy Monastery of the High Pantokrator

The historic monastery with the miraculous icon

Located at the highest point of Corfu, at 917 metres above sea level, the Pantokrator Monastery has some of the […]

Fortresses & CastlesKorission Lagoon

Gardiki Castle

Its history and significance

Gardiki Castle in South Corfu is interesting for its special shape and the events that have characterized it as a […]

WaterfallsNorth Corfu

Nymfes Waterfalls

Fairies, running water and mythological secrets...

The Nymfes Waterfalls are situated just outside the beautiful homonymous village of Nymfes, in a verdant area with oaks and […]

WaterfallsNorth Corfu

Kyprianades Waterfall

The small but spectacular waterfall with incomparable beauty

Kyprianades Waterfall, due to the indescribable beauty of the natural landscape, attracts many nature lovers and walkers…


The cave of Grava Gardikiou

The valuable archeological findings

The cave with the great archeological interest that is located at an altitude of 60 m. in between the olive […]

Underwater Life


This special and unique decapod

These are the crabs that move sideways!

Plants & Flowers


The plant of the goddess Hera that calmed libido

A shrub very widespread in Corfu and throughout the Greek countryside. Meet the wicker…

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuErmones

The chapel Apelistra in Ermones

The beautiful, picturesque church “apelistra” built at the top of a hill near Ermones, that is worth discovering for its […]

Underwater Life


The smile of the sea

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Plants & Flowers

Wild Orchid

Α small yet magical flower

Orchids are monocotyledons under the angiosperm family of Orchidaceae.


Crested Lark (Galerida Cristata)

A common bird of the Corfiot countryside

The crested lark is a common bird of the Corfiot countryside which also breeds across Cyprus, Europe, Asia and Northern […]

LakesAcharaviNorth Corfu

Antinioti Lagoon

A wetland which attracts tourists and hydrobiologists

The hidden treasure, located at the northeastern end of the island, between the beaches of Agios Spyridon and Almyros.



The delightful little beetles that protect our garden

Ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) are beetles (Coleoptera). They belong to the Coccinellidae family and are also known as “ladybugs”.

Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuKalami

Thomas’s Place Restaurant

Thomas’s Place is a destination for all those who love tradition, tranquility and Greek and local cuisine overlooking the sea.


The Corfiot costume

The jewel of tradition and culture of Corfu
Central Corfu


The traditional village with the hidden enchanting beaches

Near Paleokastritsa is a beautiful, semi-mountainous and picturesque village of Liapades.

Plants & Flowers

Pistacia lentiscus, the Mastic Tree

The shrub with the aromatic resin

Pistacia lentiscus, more commonly known as the mastic tree, is an aromatic shrub or small tree that grows 1 -6 […]

Underwater LifeLefkimmiAgios MattheosSidariBenitses

The sea turtle caretta caretta

Frequently found at the western sandy beaches and eastern coasts of the island

The loggerhead turtle is an endangered species protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Meet caretta […]



The picturesque seaside town of northwestern Greece

Aroma of Italy, reminiscent of Positano Amalfi coast and tempting you to explore beautiful Parga.

Underwater Life

Sea Anemone

A special kind of animal

Sea anemones are a group of coelenterate polyps whose shape is similar to a flower.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld Town

The Church of Agios Georgios

The impressive church in the Old Fortress of Corfu

The impressive church of Agios Georgios, built in 1840 inside the Old Fortress, to serve the English soldiers who were […]

Central Corfu

Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach

For those looking for a quiet, tranquil setting away from bustling resorts and madding crowds, Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach is […]



A destination you will certainly fall in love with, from its beaches, the sunsets that you will enjoy in any location […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


Walking through the history of Corfu

The characteristic arches, one of the most important sights of Greece… Read all that you need to know about Liston.

BeachesCentral CorfuLiapades

The enchanting Paradise beach “Chomoi” at Liapades

No one can deny the fact that the name “Paradise” can describe the crystal clear waters, the rocky formations and […]


Culinary Corfu

If you have discerning culinary taste buds Corfu is one of the best islands to visit.


Adelia’s Cook Interview

Today we are talking to Corfu Press’s new author, Adelia Cook

” I first fell in love with Greece in 1979 when I visited Athens with my parents. It was our […]

Traditional Products


The precious golden orange of Corfu

From the love of the British agronomist, Sidney Louis Walter Merlin, for the cultivation of unique plants, Corfu has the […]

BeachesSouth Corfu

The endless sandy beaches of Southwestern Corfu

Discover the beautiful sandy beaches of southwestern Corfu. Admire the unique landscapes of Halikounas, Marathias and all of the destinations […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld Town

Saint Spyridon

The patron saint of the island of Corfu and a reference point of religious tourism

The canton of “Agios” is located in the centre of the Old Town of the island and the visitor can […]

Τέχνη & ΠολιτισμόςCorfu TownOld Town

Ionian Academy – Ionian University

Their course through time. Passage from East to West.

The Ionian Islands have a rich cultural heritage that coupled the Greek tradition with the air of Italian influence during […]


The Wandering Minstrels of Corfu

They are the so-called "Kantadori" of Corfu. Or maybe "Troubadours"?

Groups of people dressed in traditional costumes take to the streets and offer unexpected and unique moments of entertainment to […]

Museums & Exhibitions

The Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank

The Banknote Museum, one of the most complete museums of its kind in the world, located in the building that […]

SightseeingCorfu Town

The Peristyle of Maitland

Τhe characteristic columns of the Spianada that "cover" an old Venetian cistern

One of the most characteristic and most photographed places of Spianada, or Pano Plateia in Corfu, is the Maitland Peristyle.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Panagia Spilaiotissa

Τhe Metropolitan Church of Corfu

The church was built in 1577 on the site of the older church of Agios Vlasios. Architecturally it is classified […]

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld Town

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George

Corfu Museum of Asian Art

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George houses the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, the only one of its […]

SightseeingCentral CorfuGouvia

Gouvia Marina

The ultimate escape experience from the city of Corfu!

Gouvia Marina is a true jewel for the island of Corfu. Constructed with the most advanced specifications is definately one […]

SightseeingCentral CorfuPeramaGastouri

Kaiser Bridge

Situated on the coastal road, approximately 10 kilometres from Corfu Town, is the Kaiser Bridge, or more correctly, the remains […]

SightseeingCorfu TownKanoniPerama


The distinct green islet, one of the most famous sights of the Ionian

Pontikonisi, the small rocky island with vegetation, tall cypress trees and an interesting shape near the famous tourist attraction, the […]

Traditional Products

Andriotis Greek Olive Oil

A story that passes through the olive groves of Corfu and travels throughout Europe.

Discover Andriotis Greek Olive Oil.

RestaurantsCorfu TownOld Town

Rex Restaurant

The historical identity of Corfu gastronomy in the most famous canton of the city

Open Daily from 12 pm to 12 am Where the romantic walks in the alleys of the old town of […]

Traditional Products

The traditional dairy products “Kastros”

The original Corfu Butter and the most delicious creams!

The family business “Kastros” has been involved in the production of dairy products for three generations, passing the secrets of […]

RestaurantsCentral CorfuGouviaMarina Gouvion

Olympia Mare

The refined aesthetics meet the cosmopolitan aura of Marina Gouvia.

Open Daily: From 13:00 to 23:00

RestaurantsCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Set sails for your most dreamy tasty trip

Open Daily from 10 pm to 12 am  Its idyllic location is unique and curated by the Venetians who created […]

ConfectioneriesCorfu TownOld Town

Papagiorgis Confectionery

A patisserie with tradition and perfection!

Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00 to 24:00

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuKynopiastes

The three-aisled basilica of the Virgin Mary of Kynopiastes

Five centuries of history

Viewing the treasures of rural Corfu By Stefanos Poulimenos

South CorfuVouniatades


The picturesque village with the typical bell tower.

Vouniatades, the narrow alleys of the village, the beautiful yards and the neighborhoods that you will come across, will transport […]

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Art Gallery

The first private initiative for studying the visual arts of Corfu island

A special characteristic of Corfu Art Gallery is that it focuses on the history of Corfiot art, from the 19th […]

World CuisineCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

La Tabernita Mexicana

The most exciting gastronomic trip to Mexico from the island of Corfu.

Open Daily from 18:30 pm to 12 am If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary, all you […]

North CorfuKalami


The unexplored settlement Vlachatika village

Overlooking the glorious green of nature and the blue of the sea…

Corfu TownCentral Corfu

Vido Island

Island of Peace, Island of Death and today an island of recreation for locals and visitors

The little, green, uninhabited Vido island is located opposite the city of Corfu, very close to the old port and […]

BeachesSouth Corfu


The sandy beach of Paramonas, an ideal destination for relaxation and family moments.

SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


The impressive square of 42,000 sq.m, is undoubtedly the heart of the city!

One of the most famous and popular sights of Corfu. The largest square in Greece and Balkans that any visitor […]

North Corfu


From the "gate" of Ortholithos to the gorge with the impressive waterfall

Winding roads lead to paths and attractions that are not worth missing for the rural traveler.

Underwater Life

Salema Porgy

Sarpa salpa

It lives in the same areas as bogues as well as in shallow waters among sea weeds.

Plants & Flowers

Prickly goldenfleece

The extremely rich in vitamins Corfiot herb!

Rich in calcium and iron and a source of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownMon Repo

Church of the Holy Apostles Jason and Sosipater

The Saints, Agia Corfu and the important Byzantine monument

One of the most important monuments of the Byzantine period and the oldest church on Corfu is a spectacle to […]

LakesNorth Corfu

Katapino lake formation

The "unknown" lake formation of Pantokrator mountain

Katapino, another unknown aspect of Corfu…

SightseeingCorfu Town

British Hospital of Corfu

The important historic building, full of memories and scars

Nothing can diminish its historic significance since this as well as dozens of other monuments of the island have borne […]

Central Corfu


A village intertwined with tradition and history

 Discover everything about the settlement of Sinarades. One of the oldest villages of Corfu, built on the slopes of the […]


Garitsa bay

The oldest suburb of Corfu town

There is no visitor to the island who is not enchanted by the view of Garitsa. Learn everything you need […]

South CorfuKorakades


τhe village associated with the pirates

Have a walk to Korakades throught the pictures of the old village and learn all about the legends of South […]

SightseeingCorfu TownGaritsa


The history of the windmill located near Garitsa bay

The windmill, which once served the needs of the inhabitants for grain, today adorns the homonymous area at the bay […]

Traditional ProductsNorth CorfuArillas

Corfu beer

the fresh Corfiot beer!

Corfu beer. The success story of a brewery in Corfu, that made the Corfiot beer known worldwide!

BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades

Loggas beach

A fairytale landscape with a narrow beach of fine sand, towered over by the peculiar limestone rocks, explore the beauty […]

Central Corfu


A patchwork of the most characteristic colors of the island, in a village that stood out for its fertile land […]

BeachesNorth CorfuKalami

Chouchoulio Beach

One of the unknown beauties of Corfu

Chouchoulio beach, a landscape blessed by nature with tall trees and a rich seabed.

SightseeingCorfu TownMon Repo


Magical escape in the heart of Mon Repo

“…and any stranger that wet his lips there, he will never return to his paternal land!” Lorentzos Mavilis, 1896 Discover […]

South Corfu


The combination of rocks and sea under the changing light of the sunset complete the wild beauty of the landscape […]

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


The beach with rugged beauty below the green slopes in Kassiopi

Bataria beach is hidden in a bay separated from the undulating, stony slopes by shiny white pebbles that line the […]

North Corfu


the large administrative center of Byzantine times

Τα πανέμορφα αρχοντικά κτήρια, οι χρυσοπράσινοι ελαιώνες και τα ιστορικά στοιχεία που θα σας μαγέψουν στο μεγαλοχώρι Καρουσάδες της βορειοδυτικής […]

SightseeingNorth CorfuKalami


The picturesque fishing port near Kalami

A green horseshoe, it emerges through cypress trees and stands out with its highly picturesque fishing port, mainly filled with […]

BeachesNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

Kalamaki – Apraos

Shallow water, white shore and fun on the sand!

Next to the most popular areas of the North of Corfu, Kassiopi and Acharavi, you will find a quiet beach, […]

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


The diamond beach of Kassiopi

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area and is a very popular destination for visitors.

BeachesSouth Corfu


The incomparable wild beauty of Arkoudilas beach in southern Corfu and everything that makes it unique for every visitor.

BeachesSouth Corfu


The beautiful, peaceful Kanouli beach, an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility located on the southwest coast of Corfu.

BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki


The "wild" pebble beach of the northeast coast

Turquoise waters and large pebbles reflect the sun creating a landscape bathed in light.

BeachesCentral CorfuGiannades


The beach that brings you one step closer to paradise

Totally unmarred by any tourist infrastructure and ideal for relaxation and tranquility, Giali is an exotic, hidden paradise on the […]

BeachesNorth CorfuGimari


Unparalleled natural beauty and a meal on the beach

Carved into the northeast coast of the island, Agni stands out for the unique natural environment and the calm and […]

BeachesNorth CorfuPeroulades


The cape, a work of art hidden in Peroulades

Discover Cape Drastis the beautiful landscape of natural formations with scattered islets and clear blue, transparent waters!

BeachesNorth CorfuSiniesKerasia


The emerald of the northeast coastline

Crystal blue-green waters, a lush landscape abundant with trees and white pebbled beaches compose an idyllic panorama for those who […]

BeachesCentral CorfuGlyfada


The naked charm of the West Coast

Myrtiotissa was described by British writer, Lawrence Durrell, as “the most beautiful beach in the world”!

RestaurantsCorfu TownOld Town

Limoncello Pizza Pasta Aperitivo

An Italian Gem in Kofinita Square

Limoncello Pizza Pasta Aperitivo exudes aromas of Italy… Situated in the most elegant location, in the heart of the Old […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square


The Catholic Cathedral in the town hall square

The Cathedral of the Catholic Church of St. James, Duomo or Domos, according to the locals, is one of the […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town

Panagia Mandrakina

The separate church on the edge of Spianada

At the edge of the Spianada Square, between two beautiful gardens, the “Bosketo” and the “Garden of the People”, stands […]

North Corfu


A village with important musical tradition

The picturesque village, Valanio, located in the hinterland of the Corfiot countryside.

South CorfuMessonghi


The area Messonghi is famous for the quiet vacation that the visitor can enjoy, with a variety of options in […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Monastery of Tenedos

A separate monastery with a spiritual offering in the homonymous, picturesque district

In one of the most picturesque districts of Corfu, the uphill cobblestoned steps and the irregular cobbled streets, lined with […]

Monasteries & ChurchesSouth Corfu

Monastery of Panagia Arkoudila

Exploring the glory of the past…

Located above the pristine beach of Asprokavos in the southern part of the island, the ruins of the monastery of […]

Rent a CarCentral CorfuGouvia

Corfu Low Cost Car Rental

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Central Corfu


The beautiful small village of Middle Corfu

Exploring the hinterland of Corfu, one encounters a beautiful small village, Kouramades, with its picturesque neighbourhoods and traditional square.

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuGiannades

Chapel of Agios Kirikos

The small chapel in Giannades

A small church, dedicated to Agios Kirikos, hidden in the dense Corfu Olive Grove near the village of Giannades.



The super quick to make and bake, traditional Greek honey cookies of Christmas Holidays.

Corfu TownCorfu Town

Church of St. Basil and St. Stephen

Among the most beautiful routes in Corfu town, dominates the church of Agios Vasilios with its history associated with shoemakers.

North CorfuSinies

Old Sinies

A journey through time

The ruined settlement of northern Corfu, Old Sinies, stubbornly still stands at the foot of Mount Pantokrator!

Kourampiedes : Greek Christmas butter cookies recipe

The easiest and most delicious Greek Christmas butter cookies recipe for your favorite Christmas treats.

Museums & ExhibitionsCentral CorfuSinarades

Folklore Museum of Sinarades

A flashback to the history of Corfu

The Folklore Museum of Sinarades is open from May 1st to October 31st, all days of the week. Opening hours […]

BeachesSouth Corfu

Santa Barbara beach

Among the endless golden beaches of Corfu, Santa Barbara beach is another reason to explore the southern part of the […]

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi

Kanoni beach

On the most hospitable rocks of the island…

One of the most special beaches of Kassiopi is waiting for you to discover it!

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


The central, cosmopolitan and popular beach of Kassiopi

Kalamionas beach, in the resort of Kassiopi, is the ideal choice for a short swim or quick dip.

BeachesNorth CorfuKassiopi


The quiet and windless beach of Kassiopi

Imerolia beach is ideal for those wishing to get away from the madding crowds and noise.


Anax Imperator – Leach 1815

A beautiful winged insect over the water

It is considered a common dragonfly species on the island of Corfu and flies around from May to October. Anax […]

Central Corfu


The traditional settlement in the center of the island

The beautiful traditional village in central Corfu, with the old mansions and the Olive Museum.

Underwater Life

Stone eater

A endolithic bivalve that lives in the Corfu seabed

Although stone eater is considered a delicious food, in recent years, its consumption has been banned as it is considered […]

Underwater LifeSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Alykes Lefkimmis

A historical, folkloric and industrial monument as well as a magnificent wetland, Alykes Lefkimmis, where the salt harvesting was taking […]

BeachesCentral CorfuPelekas


The small exotic beach of the west coast

The quiet beach with the special exotic landscape is near the bustling Kontogyalos beach.

LakesNorth CorfuAgios Stefanos Sinion


The wetland with rare beauty

Akoli, a small coastal lake in an area that is not accessible by road and therefore has excellent conservation status.

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld TownKampielo


One of the oldest and richest ecclesiastical monuments of the city

Wednesday-Monday: 08: 30-16: 00 Tuesday: Closed The museum (Antivouniotissa) is closed on 25/12, 01/01, 25/03, 01/05 and Easter Sunday

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town

Panagia of Xenon (Foreigners)

The impressive church in the picturesque "Plakada t 'Agiou"

The Holy Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos Faneromeni, Panagia of Foreigners and its history.

South CorfuKouspades


The semi-mountainous settlement of Kouspades, the old olive trees and the architecture compose a scene from another era. A complete […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu TownMon Repo

Monastery of Agia Efimia

One of the oldest nunneries in Corfu

The Monastery of Efimia is built in one of the most beautiful parts of Corfu town, in the area of […]

Central Corfu


The village that was the seat of feudal lords during the Venetian occupation

The old stone buildings and the wonderful view, are reminiscent of remote areas, located in the picturesque village of Kanakades […]



From the production of the marbles to the agriculture.

The small traditional village Marmaro connected to the production of the marble. An ideal destination for those who wish to […]


Avliotes Philharmonic

A living cell of culture that writes its own history

It was founded in 1979 on the initiative of the residents of the community of Avliotes and operates, without interruption, […]


History of the Corfu Philharmonic Association “Kapodistrias”

One of the largest orchestras in Corfu

Preservation, improvement and dissemination of the cultural elements of the island, both inside and outside the geographical boundaries of Corfu.

South CorfuKritika


The small traditional village in the southern part of Lefkimi.

Kritika village at Corfu, is an ideal destination for those who seek tranquility, known as a passage for some of […]

South CorfuAgios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios

The mountainous settlement Agios Dimitrios in southern Corfu, with the unobstructed view from above and the traditional houses.



An ideal destination of historical and not only importance

The fishing village of Benitses, everything that makes it an ideal destination for its touristic facilities, tranquillity and privacy.

North CorfuKrini


the picturesque village Krini with the stone houses.

The village of Krini, the most beautiful route for the historic medieval Angelokastro, one of the most important sights of […]

Central Corfu


The picturesque village where time has stopped

The traditional village Danilia located in the central Corfu that manages to revive images of the Corfiot life of the […]

Monasteries & ChurchesLefkimmi

Monastery of Our Lady of the Angels

The monastery of Our Lady of the Angels, built in 1696 AD, in the village of Riglades of Lefkimmi, is […]

South CorfuAgios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos

The small village in the south east of Corfu

Near the most beautiful villages of the south-east of Corfu, is the village of Agios Nikolaos, a traditional quiet village with […]


The 5 top pebble beaches of the island!

Which do you choose? Sandy beach or pebbles? “Sand or stones?”. Find here the 5 top pebble beaches on the […]


Cave Katsouri in Glyfa

A photographic exploration in the mysterious cave of Katsouri Cave. Read more about the cave in Glyfa, Corfu.

BeachesSouth CorfuKritika

Megas Choros

The beach of mythical beauty in southern Corfu

Megas Choros beach is one of the biggest south west-coast beaches in Corfu.

Corfu TownOld Town

Porta Remounda

The area of ​​Porta Remounda used to be the one of the four gates that served as an entrance to […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuGastouri

Agia Kyriaki Chapel

The little church located on the homonymous hill of Agia Kyriaki, the place that the Empress Elizabeth used to visit […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town

The Garden of the People

Walks in the footsteps of the nobles with many refined details. A verdant small park, situated next to the Palace […]

SightseeingCorfu TownMon Repo

Archaeological site of Paleopolis

One of the most important monuments in the history of the island

The area is one of the most beautiful and famous places of Corfu, with many attractions and a holiday tradition […]

Corfu Town


The green suburb next to the popular Mon Repo

This hill once formed the Acropolis of ancient Corfu.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town

Analipsis Church

In the heart of the homonymous verdant area

Analipsis Church hosts one of the oldest, biggest and most picturesque festivals of the island.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town


A monument of pan-European importance, Annunziata, with the characteristic bell tower located in the center of Corfu old town.

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuVatos

The picturesque chapel of Saint George in Vatos

Saint George the "High"

Green paths and unique views attract the visitor to the summit of this typical hill of the area. Discover Saint […]

CulturalCentral Corfu

Philharmonic Society of Skripero

Aim to the cultural upgrading of the Corfiot countryside

Philharmonic Society of Skripero, the fourth Philharmonic, in order of establishment in Corfu island.


Halikiopoulou Lagoon

Halikiopoulou Lagoon, the first commercial port of Corfu in antiquity, that despite the human interventions retains its ecological importance.


Neratzicha tower

The Nerantzicha tower, a monument of the 5th c. E.G. and the only surviving wall of the ancient city of […]

Monasteries & ChurchesCentral CorfuGouvia

Saint Loukas monastery

Founding Monastery of the Kapodistrias Family

The construction of the beautiful monastery dates back to the late 16th to early 17th century. Discover Saint Loukas monastery.

SightseeingCorfu TownGaritsa

The Douglas column

The monument, called “the Douglas’ column” by the Corfiots, dedicated to Howard Douglas, Lord High Commissioner of Corfu and the […]

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth CorfuAfionas

Agios Stylianos

The cave carved church

The breathtakingly beautiful place in the northern Corfu where the church of Agios Stylianos is located in small cave.

Corfu TownOld Town

Kofineta square

The beautiful Kofineta Square, connects the most important sights of the old town of Corfu.

Monasteries & ChurchesCorfu Town

Panagiopoula Church

The Orthodox Metochi devoted to the Virgin Mother Odigitria “Panayiopoula”, near the Corfu Old town that was built in the […]

Central Corfu


The village with the hidden secret landscapes.

Vatos is a small and tranquil village at Corfu, built on a mountain slope above Ermones beach while the oldest […]

Monasteries & ChurchesNorth CorfuSiniesOld Sinies

Saint Theodore Stratilatis

The most important monument of the abandoned settlement of Sinies

Saint Theodore Stratilatis is one of the three surviving temples of the Byzantine settlement of Old Sinies.

South CorfuPetritis


The beautiful coastal village with the fresh fish

The port, the fresh fish and the calm waters coexist harmoniously in the coastal village of Petritis on the southeast […]

Monasteries & ChurchesKalamiNissaki

Saint Arsenios

The stone chapel on the sea

Saint Arsenios, the small Byzantine church looks like a natural continuation of the rocks.

Museums & Exhibitions

Petritis Ecomuseum

Meet the Petritis Ecomuseum, with many interesting actions for the promotion of the maritime and coastal heritage of South Corfu.

BeachesCentral CorfuLiapades


The dreamy beach in the area of ​​Liapades

Emerald crystal clear waters and white pebbles, in the dream of one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu, Rovinia.

North CorfuNorth Corfu


The village on the green mountain slope with the unique view

This area of ​​northeastern Corfu hides some favourite settlements and beaches.

North CorfuDrosato


An ideal destination for all nature lovers, Drosato, the mountainous traditional village of northern Corfu.

North CorfuOld Peritheia

Saint Spyridon of Peritheia

Calm crystal clear waters next to the Antinioti lagoon

Saint Spyridon of Peritheia, a beach hidden in the northern part of the island…

ConfectioneriesCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Stazei Meli

Delicious bites of pure enjoyment, sprinkled with savory or sweet choices in Stazei Meli

Stazei Meli, an authentic sweet shop located in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods of Old Corfu Town at number […]

SightseeingCorfu Town

Wandering among the old mansions of Corfu town

The history behind the walls...

Old mansions of Corfu…Some are preserved and in use even today, but many retain their splendour standing desolate, abandoned, “haunted”, […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld Town


The beautiful municipal garden with the unique view

Another oasis of the historic centre located between the northern moat of the Old Fortress and the square of Spianada.

South CorfuVasilatika


the small village, that took its name by the King Palaiologos.

Vasilatika, is a beautiful village of South Corfu built on a green hill.

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu Town

Solomos Museum of Corfu

The house in which the national poet of Greece, Dionysios Solomos, lived the last years of his life and composed his most mature works

From April 1 to October 30, daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 9.30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. From November […]

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu Town

Municipal Gallery of Corfu

Base and cradle of Ionian culture

The exhibition areas are open to the public every day during the winter months (November-March), except for Mondays, Tuesdays and […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Kokkini’s Arch

The characteristic passage in Campiello

Kokkini’s Arch, a “gate” for your entrance to the labyrinthine, impressive district of Campiello.

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Reading Society

Bright spiritual lighthouse and a fixed point of reference in the culture of the island

Corfu Reading Society, the emblematic building with its characteristic entrance and balcony and the impressive staircase is a trademark of […]

Monasteries & ChurchesSouth Corfu

Church of the Prophet Elias

The Church of the Prophet Elias is located at the top of a verdant mountain, with panoramic views of some […]

South CorfuPavliana

Ano Pavliana

Ano Pavliana, beautiful courtyards, narrow streets and old mansions built of stone, a traditional village in the west part of […]


The traditional clay pots of Corfu Easter

Everything you need to know about the impressive clay pots connected to the island of Corfu and the customs of […]

SightseeingCorfu Town

Ionian Parliament

The architectural masterpiece that exudes history

The building of the Ionian Parliament – a masterpiece of democracy – radiates not only for its architectural uniqueness, but […]

Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu Town

Serbian Museum

Serbian memories at the "Island of Salvation"

Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 2: 00 p.m. Good Friday – Good Saturday – Easter Sunday – Easter Monday […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

San Giacomo

The first theatre of Corfu

San Giacomo, made entirely of carved Sinian stone, based on drawings of a hitherto unknown engineer, it remains, to this […]

SightseeingCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Bank of Greece

Another trademark filed in City Hall Square

Discover the historic building that hosts the Bank of Greece, the palace of the Latin Bishops and its history until […]

Corfu TownOld Town



Four pine cones, Italian influences and customs in the picturesque area of ​​Pinia, where the Mastella Custom takes place every […]

ConfectioneriesCorfu TownCentre


Emeral… the confectionery that maintains the highest quality in its creations. Emeral for our snack, dessert, coffee, ice cream every […]

Central Corfu

Agioi Deka

One of the characteristic traditional villages of Corfu, built on the homonymous mountain of Agioi Deka.

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Rent a BikeNorth CorfuKassiopi

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HotelsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Melina Bay Hotel

Seaside Boutique Hotel, boasting a swimming pool, in the heart of Corfu Island’s Kassiopi harbour.

HotelsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Melina Oasis Boutique Hotel

A hotel being nestled in the heart of Kassiopi.

ApartmentsNorth CorfuKassiopi

The Orange Garden Apartments

Surrounded by a beautiful garden full of orange trees.

ApartmentsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Aria Suites

Compose a lifetime holiday experience enjoying corfiot hospitality.

VillasNorth CorfuKassiopi

Villa Ataraxia

An atmosphere of pure tranquility…

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Way T.S.

Transfers & Tours

Tours to the most beautiful places of Corfu with the luxurious mini buses of Corfu Way T.S. Transfers & Tours

VillasNorth CorfuSiniesPorta - Meggoulas - Santa

Villa Socrates

Let the beauty of nature be your medicine.

ApartmentsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Aleka’s Harbour House

Spectacular night view of the small harbour of Kassiopi…

HotelsNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel

The ultimate place to indulge in relaxation and embrace slow living.

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Rent a CarNorth CorfuKassiopi

Kassiopi Cars

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Central Corfu


One of the most organized and oldest tourist resorts in Corfu

The tourist area of Dassia is one of the most popular destinations on Corfu and extends over the homonymous beach […]

ApartmentsCentral CorfuGastouri

Sole di Corfu

A modern property that preserve the hospitable warmth of a Corfiot household.

Beach BarsNorth CorfuBarbati

Verde Blu

An excellent all day culinary experience in the hottest, summer hangout!


The history of the windmill located near Garitsa bay

The windmill Anemomylos, that once served the needs of the inhabitants for grain, today adorns the homonymous area at the […]

Rent a BoatCorfu TownCentre

Shine Charters

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ApartmentsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Manessis Apartments

A family friendly apartment with a superb view.

Public Transport

Corfu Green Buses

Travel safely and with low cost to any part of Corfu.

Public Transport

Corfu City Bus

Frequent routes with blue buses around Corfu town.

HotelsSouth Corfu

Armeno resort

Boutique hotel

Armeno Resort Boutique Hotel! Τhe only resort built on the enchanting beach of Marathias.

Beach BarsSouth Corfu

Armeno lounge

Enjoyment from early in the morning until late at night at the Armeno lounge on Marathia beach!

HotelsCorfu TownOld Town

Locandiera Guest House


+302661039035 // info@locorfu.com // locorfu.com

Grill RoomsCorfu TownCentre

Sti Sesoula Souvlaki bar

Our favorite gastronomic addiction… ” Sti Sesoula Souvlaki bar “

ApartmentsCorfu TownOld Town

Liston Suites


Liston Suites comfort and luxury with the feeling of homely hospitality in the center of the old town of Corfu. […]

Travel AgenciesNorth CorfuKassiopi

The Travel Corner

Choose among a wide variety of services and accommodation and get the best holiday experiences by ensuring all arrangements meet […]

VillasNorth CorfuSiniesEleourgia

Villa Anastasia

Villa Anastasia, relaxing moments overlooking the sea, with all the facilities for the most carefree vacation in Sinies northeast of […]

Fish & Seafood Recipes


The ultimate Corfiot recipe

A traditional corfiot casserole dish with cod fish and potatoes in garlic-lemon sauce. Bianco recipe, Tavernaki  Restaurant, Kassiopi

Beach BarsNorth CorfuBarbati

Bahia Mare

Beach Life Restaurant Bar

Bahia Mare Beach Life Restaurant Bar… An amazing culinary experience combined with exotic cocktails and refreshing drinks by the sea.

Horse RidingNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

Arena Horse Riding Corfu

Arena Horse Riding Corfu. A unique experience which brings the rider one step closer to nature.

ApartmentsCorfu TownCentre

Casa Al Centro Di Corfù

Casa Al Centro Di Corfù. The apartment that hosts our most beautiful holiday in the centre of Corfu Town.

CafeCorfu TownGaritsa

Gialos Coffee Bar

Gialos Coffee Bar 0ur favourite hangout in the verdant bay of Garitsa!

ApartmentsCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Casa Verde

Casa Verde… A beautiful mansion just a few minutes from the most central parts of Corfu Old town at the […]

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownCentre

Taxi Tours Corfu

Taxi Tours Corfu gives you the opportunity to explore Corfu from side to side.

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownOld Town

Corfu Elite Travel

Trust Corfu Elite Travel for your most beautiful excursions on the island of Corfu. Transportation services that provide you with […]

HotelsCorfu TownGaritsa

Acanthus Blue Hotel

Acanthus Blue Hotel is a boutique hotel, built in the 1700’s, in an elegant and impressive neoclassical style.

Beach BarsNorth CorfuKalami

Callao Beach Bar Restaurant

Callao Beach Bar Restaurant, intertwined with the tranquility of the landscape, the refined menu options and its excellent location on […]

VillasCorfu TownGaritsa


Carpofoli, a renovated mansion building with 4 luxurious suites for your most unique, relaxing stay within walking distance of Corfu […]

HotelsNorth CorfuKalami

San Antonio Resort

 San Antonio Corfu Resort impresses with its magnificent view. Built on the slopes of Kalami bay and flanked by a […]

Museums & ExhibitionsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Corfu Aquarium

A unique experience that educates and entertains at the same time… at Corfu Aquarium the beautiful area of Paleokastritsa.

Taxi & Mini BusCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Private Tours

ConfectioneriesNorth CorfuLakones

Dolce cafe

Handmade ice cream and sweets that satisfy even the most demanding of tastes in the picturesque settlement of Lakones.

Beach BarsSouth Corfu

Sirens beach bistro

Sirens Beach Bistro, in one of the most idyllic locations of the island, is an all-day hangout with great vibes.


Kaiser’s Observator

Kaiser Observatory, or Kaiser’s Throne, is perched on a rock platform with a truly magnificent panoramic view.

BeachesSouth Corfu

Agios Nikolaos Skala beach

Agios Nikolaos Skala beach, near Lake Korission. The former base of the local fishermen with an inaccessible road and beautiful […]

South CorfuKamara


The old, traditional village located at the foot of the mountain of Agioi Deka.

Walking PathsNorth CorfuKassiopiOld PeritheiaSiniesOld Sinies

Kassios Dias


10 Years Kassios Dias Trail Run

Excursions & ToursCorfu Town

Corfu Walking Tours

Pagkrateika, 6932894466

Email: info@corfuwalkingtours.com Website: https://corfuwalkingtours.com/

Nature SportsCentral CorfuPelekas

Corfu Paragliding Tandem Flights

Pelekas, 6931959043

Website: http://www.corfuparagliding.com

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CafeCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Piccolo Espresso Bar

Dimarchou Kolla 21, 2661081747
CafeCorfu TownOld Town

Dell’ Acque

Ευγενίου Βουλγάρεως 42, 2661034300
Grill RoomsCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Pane e Souvlaki

Gilford 77, 2661020100
World CuisineCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square


Gilford 71, 2661042810
BrunchCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Petrino Cafe

Dimarchou Kolla 9, 2661043826
RestaurantsCorfu TownOld TownCity Hall Square

Bougainvillea Restaurant

Dimarchou Kolla 26, 2661041607
BrunchCorfu TownCentrePezodromos


Iakovou Polyla 31, 2661044987
BistrotCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

My Habit

Leoforos Alexandras 44-46, 2661025000
CafeCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

KumQuat Artisan Cafe

Leoforos Alexandras 44-46, 2661025000
ConfectioneriesCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

Lukumama Coffee & More

Iakovou Polyla, 2661080056
Bar RestaurantsCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

Persona Grata

Iakovou Polyla 24, 2661022672
BistrotCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

Stories Cafe Bistrot

Iakovou Polyla 21, 2661551377
BistrotCentral CorfuGouviaMarina Gouvion


Marina Gouvia, 2661099577, 6985599064
CafeCentral CorfuGouviaMarina Gouvion

Skippers Cafe

Marina Gouvia, 6937109752
CruisesCentral CorfuGouviaMarina Gouvion

Corfu Sea Cruises

Marina Gouvia, 6951977798
Pool BarsCentral CorfuGouviaMarina Gouvion

Blue Cafe

Marina Gouvia, 2661090861
RestaurantsCorfu TownCentrePezodromos

Saluteria Wine n Deli

Iakovou Polyla 24, 2661105186
Traditional TavernsCorfu TownGaritsa


Alkiviadou Dari 15, 2661037396
RestaurantsCorfu TownGaritsa


Alkiviadou Dari 3-5, 2661037396
Bar RestaurantsCorfu TownGaritsa

Ανεμόμυλος Cafe Restaurant

Emmanouil Theotoki, 2661030047
RestaurantsCorfu TownKanoni


Vlacherna - Pontikonisi, 2661046191
CafeCorfu TownKanoni


Figaretou 163, 6975533120
World CuisineCorfu TownKanoni

Kukutsi Sushi Bar

Nausikas 2, 2661039004

Εστιατόριο Σούσι

Bar RestaurantsCorfu TownKanoni

La Veranda di Corfu

Nausikas 2, 2661036540
Fish TavernsCorfu TownGaritsa

Nautilus Cafe

Anemomylos, 2661020033
World CuisineCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

The Venetian Well

Kremasti Square, 2661550955
Live Music & FoodCorfu TownOld TownKampielo


Ypapantis 7 & Timoksenous, 2661024920
BrunchCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Favela No 17

Petridou, 2661023466
ApartmentsCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Volto Kokkini Apartment

Agias Elenis 12, 6936690683
BistroCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Salto Wine Bar

Donzelot 23, 2661302325
Burgers & Steak HousesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Firi Firi The Beer House

1st Parodos Solomou 1, 2661033953
Burgers & Steak HousesCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

The Square Steak & Burger Bar

Old Harbour Square, 2661034059
BarsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour


Solomou 31, 2661043173
Traditional TavernsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

To Tavernaki tis Marinas

Velisariou 35, 2661100792
Live Music & FoodCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour


Velisariou 30, 2661304219
World CuisineCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour


Prosalendou 7, 6989755646
ClubsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Yard Club

Eleutheriou Venizelou 34, 6942207887
ClubsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

The Bar

Xenofontos Stratigou 32, 6950611851
ApartmentsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Old Harbour Residence

Panagioti Gida 1, 6946075975
Fish TavernsCorfu TownOld TownOld Harbour

Kafe Giali

Old Harbour, 2661025650
HotelsCorfu TownKanoni

Corfu Holiday Palace

Nausikas St. 2, 2661036540
Beach BarsCorfu TownMon Repo

Royal Baths

Theotoki Emmanouil, 6944464728
HotelsCorfu TownMon Repo

Mayor Mon Repos Art Hotel

Iasonos & Sosipatrou 100, 2661032783
Traditional TavernsCorfu TownOld TownKampielo

Veranda Corfu Restaurant

Arseniou 19, Mouragia, 2661081716
Roof TopsCorfu TownOld Town

Cavalieri Roof Garden

Kapodistriou 4, 2661039041
Roof TopsCorfu TownOld Town

Arkadion Wine Bar

Vlassopoulou 2 & Kapodistriou, 2661037670
CafeCorfu TownOld Town

Chin Chin

Evangelistrias 20, 2661025050
BarsCorfu TownOld Town


Eugeniou Voulgareos 49, 6936660101
CafeCorfu TownOld Town

Mikro Cafe

Themistokleous Kotardou 42, 2661031009
BistroCorfu TownOld Town

Arcadion Bistrot

Kapodistriou 44, Liston, 2661037670
Street FoodCorfu TownOld Town


Montsenigou 3, 2661037107
ClubsCorfu TownCentre

54 Dreamy Nights

Ethnikis Antistaseos 54 (Emporiko), 6940645436
Fish TavernsCorfu TownCentre


Lochagou Spiridonos Vlaikou 11, 2661082150
Street FoodCorfu TownCentre

Panini Lab

Mitropolitou Methodiou 9, 2661400897
Street FoodCorfu TownCentre

Wok Spot

Stamatiou Dessyla 23, 2661024701
RestaurantsCorfu TownOld Town

Pomo d’ Oro Corfu

Skaramagka 13, 2661028680
Traditional ProductsCorfu TownCentre

Patounis’ Olive Soap

Ioannou Theotoki 9, 2661039806
World CuisineCorfu TownCentre

The Tandoori Bites

Ethnikis Antistaseos 14, 2661034447

Indian Restaurant

TennisCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Lawn Tennis Club

Ioannou Romanou 4, 2661037021
Water SportsCentral CorfuDassia

Dassia Ski Club

Dassia, 6989783729
GolfCentral CorfuErmones

Corfu Golf Club

Parelia, Livadi Ropa, Ermones, 2661094220
BistrotCorfu TownOld Town


Kapodistriou 60, 6944779444

Golden View Cafe

Agioi Thoedoroi, Ano Garounas, Kamara, 2661053413
CafeCorfu TownOld Town


Liston, 2661027275
BrunchCorfu TownOld Town

Liston Gastrotheque

Liston, 2661045528
BrunchCorfu TownOld Town


Kapodistriou 52, 2661081241
Fish TavernsCorfu TownOld Town


Kapodistriou 34, 2661020250
World CuisineCorfu TownCentre


Ethniki Palaiokastritsas 31, 6946008343
BarsCorfu TownOld Town


Faliraki, 2661100340
BarsCorfu TownOld Town


Faliraki, 6981066374
BarsCorfu TownCentre


Ethnikis Antistaseos 36 (Emporiko), 2661036497
Fish TavernsPetritis


Petritis, +30 2662052216
CafeCorfu TownOld Town


1st Parodos Agiou Spyridona 3 3, 2661033740
RestaurantsNorth CorfuAfionas


Afionas, 2663052168
ApartmentsNorth CorfuAfionas

Zeus Throne Resort

Afionas, 00302663051311
CafeNorth CorfuAfionas

View Point Canteen

Afionas, 6977468178
Beach BarsNorth CorfuArillas


Arillas, 2663051450
CafeNorth CorfuArillas


Arillas - Agios Stefanos, 6937522710
RestaurantsNorth CorfuArillas

Bouyata Open Kitchen

Arillas' Main Street, 2663051511
ApartmentsNorth CorfuArillas

La Casa d’ Arilla

Magoulades - Afionas Street, Arillas, 6972236141
HotelsSouth CorfuMessonghi

The Olivar Suites

Messonghi, 2661080300
BarsNorth CorfuKassiopi


Kassiopi, 2663081320
Burgers & Steak HousesNorth CorfuKassiopi

The Square

Kassiopi, 2663082186
Beach BarsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Caldera Lounge

Moraitika, 26610 75269
HotelsNorth CorfuBarbati

Golden Mare Resort

Barbati, 2663091868, 2661091850
VillasSouth CorfuMoraitika

Three Stars Luxury Villas

Moraitika, 26610 75223
RestaurantsNorth CorfuBarbati

Piedra del Mar

Barbati, 2663091566
VillasSouth CorfuMessonghi

Ionian Pearl Luxury Spa Villa

Spa Villa, Messonghi, 694 526 5048
Rent a BicycleNorth CorfuAcharavi


Acharavi, 2663064115
Nature SportsNorth CorfuAcharaviOld PeritheiaOld Sinies

The Great Mountain Bike Tour

Discover The Stunning Beauty & Terrain of Mount Pantokrator!

A scenic and exhilarating descent down Corfu’s tallest peak.

HotelsNorth CorfuAcharavi

Almyros Beach Resort & Spa

Acharavi, 2663029391
ApartmentsNorth CorfuAcharavi

Thalassa Suites

Acharavi, 2663063363
BarsNorth CorfuAcharavi


Acharavi beach, 2663063242
Beach BarsNorth CorfuAcharavi

Tierra del Fuego

Acharavi beach, 2663063242
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuMessonghi

Bacchus Restaurant Tavern

Messonghi, 2661 075301
BarsSouth CorfuMessonghi

Summertime Cocktail Bar & Brunch

Messonghi, 697 807 2481
VillasSouth CorfuKamara

Villa Kamaritis

Kamara, 2661 054746
VillasSouth Corfu

Mimi and Coco Villas Corfu

Paramonas, 693 230 4066
VillasSouth CorfuAgios Mattheos

Casa Alta Mare Luxury Villa

Luxury Villa, Skidi beach, Agios Mattheos, 697 661 9502
RestaurantsNorth CorfuAcharavi


Acharavi, 2663063020, 6937063778
Fish TavernsNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion


Agios Stefanos Sinion, 6937063778
Rent a BoatNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

San Stefano Boats

Agios Stefanos Sinion, 6955001030
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

Taverna Galini

Agios Stefanos Sinion, 2663081492
CafeNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion


Agios Stefanos Sinion, 2663081516
VillasNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

Villa Tatiana

Agios Stefanos Sinion, 2661042212, 6978771022
RestaurantsNorth CorfuSiniesKerasia

Taverna Kerasia

Kerasia, 2663081521
ApartmentsNorth CorfuKalami

Thomas’s Place Beach House

Kalami, 2663091180
Cafe & BrunchSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades


Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 2662 052168
BarsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Almyra Cocktail Bar

Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 697 267 4005
RestaurantsNorth CorfuKalami

Dimitris Restaurant

Vlachatika, 2663091172
Fish TavernsNorth CorfuKalami

Taverna Kouloura

Kalami, 6977888982
Nature SportsNorth CorfuKalami

Kalami Sup Yoga

Kalami, kalamisupyoga@hotmail.com
RestaurantsNorth CorfuKalami

The White House

Kalami, 2663091040
VillasNorth CorfuKalami

Erkina Villas

Kalami, 6974600474
Rent a BoatNorth CorfuKalami

Blue Bay Boats

Kalami, 6975510334
RestaurantsSouth CorfuLefkimmi


Potami Lefkimmi, +30 2662 300480
HotelsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Domes Miramare

a Luxury Collection Resort, Moraitika, +30 2661 440500
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia


Old Peritheia, 6955950459
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia


Old Peritheia, 6945276455
ApartmentsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

The Merchant’s House

Old Peritheia, 6944817173
Water SportsNorth CorfuNissaki

Apollo Scuba Diving

Nissaki, 6974705697
VillasNorth CorfuNissaki

Ultima Corfu

Nissaki, +41227793333
Rent a BoatNorth CorfuNissaki

Nissaki Boat Rental

Nissaki, 6998505651
Nature SportsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Kerky Rad Tours

Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 6970251227
Water SportsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Dive Inn Corfu

Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 695 508 0508
Horse RidingSouth CorfuKavos

Horseland Kavos

Kavos, +30 694 226 4696
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuNissaki

Mary’s Lab Grill & More

Nissaki, 6977756363
Beach BarsNorth CorfuNissaki


Nissaki, 6977756363
RestaurantsNorth CorfuGimari

Toula’s Seaside

Agni, 6982055721, 2663091350
Nature SportsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Georges Bikes

Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 693 890 5380
Fish TavernsNorth CorfuGimari

Taverna Agni

Agni, 2663091142
RestaurantsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Balcony Restaurant

Agios Georgios Argyradon, +30 698 472 1941
Rent a BoatNorth CorfuGimari

Agni Boats

Agni, 6973836433
Beach BarsCentral CorfuAgios Gordios

Ark Kitchen Bar

Agios Gordios, +30 2661 053480
VillasNorth CorfuGimari

The Olive Press

Agni, +442045771721
CafeNorth CorfuPeroulades

7th Heaven Cafe

Peroulades, 2663095035
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuPeroulades

Taverna Bikolis

Peroulades, 2663095291
Excursions & ToursNorth CorfuPerouladesAfionasKalami

Corfu Outdoor & Leisure Activities

Ano Korakiana, 6945595934
Excursions & ToursNorth Corfu

X Adventure Club Corfu

Alepou, 6989620201

Safari Xperience in Corfu

Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuPagoi


Pagoi, 2663096158
RestaurantsNorth CorfuPagoiAgios Georgios Pagon


Agios Georgios Pagon, 2663096372
ApartmentsNorth CorfuPagoi

Kumquart Estate

Paliomilos Pagon, info@kumquart.com
Beach BarsNorth CorfuPagoiAgios Georgios Pagon

San George Food Bar

Agios Georgios Pagon, 6995914414
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuKrini


ApartmentsNorth CorfuValanio

Nina’s Traditional House

Valanio, ninilalahospitality@gmail.com

by Ninilala Hospitality

HotelsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Mayor Capo Di Corfu

Agios Petros Lefkimmi, +30 2662 029077
World CuisineSouth CorfuKavos


Kavos, +30 2662 061809
Beach BarsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Mikro Nisi Beach Venue

Agios Gordios Lefkimmi, +30 690 681 1883
Fish TavernsCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Peristeron

Kohyli Bay

Agios Ioannis Peristeron, +30 2661 072110
Water SportsNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

Corfu Sailing Centre

Avlaki, 6934305047
RestaurantsNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

Cavo Barbaro

Avlaki, 2663081905
Fish TavernsNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

Avlaki Seafood Restaurant

Avlaki, 2663081051
HotelsNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

Bella Mare Hotel

Avlaki, 2663081997
VillasNorth CorfuSiniesAvlaki

Villa Corfu Erimitis

Avlaki, 6977574726
CafeNorth CorfuKarousades

Taste me

Karousades, 2663031990
HotelsNorth CorfuRoda

Roda Beach Resort & Spa

Roda, 2663064183
Beach BarsNorth CorfuRoda


Roda, 2663064629
VillasSouth CorfuPavliana

Villa Pangalis Romantica

Pavliana, +30 698 048 1607
HotelsSouth CorfuBoukari

Kairaba Mythos Palace

Boukari Bay, +30 2662 440800
BarsSouth CorfuMessonghi

Barocco Beach Bar

Messonghi, +30 693 266 0460
RestaurantsSouth CorfuVitalades


Vitalades, +30 2662 023174
ApartmentsSouth CorfuVitalades

Villa Anneta

Vitalades, Gardenos beach, +30 697 387 6152
BrunchSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Cube Bistrot Coffee Bar

Lefkimmi, +30 2662 024967
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuChlomos

Balis Taverna

Chlomos, +30 694 827 1216
RestaurantsSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon


Restaurant-Organic farm, Lake Korission, +30 697 917 3233
VillasSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

Villa Natura

Lake Korission, +30 694 436 8794
World CuisineNorth CorfuRoda

La Madera Tex Mex

Roda, 2663063069

Mexican Kitchen

BarsNorth CorfuRoda


Roda, 2663063201
RestaurantsNorth CorfuRoda

Nikos Family Restaurant

Roda, 2663063434
Water SportsNorth CorfuAcharavi

Dive Easy

Acharavi, 2663029350, 6945013510
Grill RoomsCorfu TownOld Town


Eugeniou Voulgareos 85, 2661028300
BarsCorfu TownOld Town

A Sante

1st Street Nikiforou Theotoki, 6932429243
BistrotCorfu TownOld Town


Maniarizi Arlioti 13, 6948322368
VillasNorth CorfuSiniesRou

The Rou Estate

Rou, Simpson Travel https://www.simpsontravel.com/greece/corfu/the-rou-estate
Traditional ProductsNorth CorfuSiniesEleourgia

Cava Tzortzatos

Wine Tasting & Food Pairing

Sinies, 2663029240

Water SportsNorth CorfuSidari

Sidari Watersports

Sidari, 6930419567
Children ActivitesNorth CorfuSidari

Sidari Waterpark

Sidari, 2663099066
HotelsNorth CorfuSidari

Destino Blue Hotel & Spa

Sidari, 2663099486
RestaurantsNorth CorfuSidari

The Hive

Sidari, 2663095579
Bar RestaurantsNorth CorfuSidari


Sidari, 6941654702
BrunchSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Babel Bakery

Agias Aikaterinis, Lefkimi, +30 2662 022375
Horse RidingNorth CorfuRoda

Katreena Horse Riding

Roda, 6944829461
Beach BarsSouth CorfuMarathias


Beach Bar Restaurant, Marathias, +30 698 599 2570
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuAgios Nikolaos

Savvas Taverna

Agios Nikolaos, Notos, Lefkimmi, +30 2662 051742
CafeSouth CorfuAgios Mattheos

Cadouni Cafe

Agios Mathheos, +30 697 593 0684
Beach BarsNorth CorfuSidari


Sidari, 2663095923
Boat TripsNorth CorfuSidari

Fortuna Sea Tours

Sidari, 6980741820
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Taverna Manthos

Agios Stefanos Avlioton, 2663052197
Rent a CarNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Margarita’s Car Hire & Transfers

Agios Stefanos Avlioton, 2663051910
Beach BarsNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton


Agios Stefanos Avlioton, info@delphinoblu.gr
BarsNorth CorfuSiniesAgios Stefanos Sinion

Wave Bar

Agios Stefanos Sinion, 2663081744
BistroNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton


Agios Stefanos Avlioton, 6942886850
VillasNorth CorfuAvliotesAgios Stefanos Avlioton

Villa Quietude

Agios Stefanos Avlioton, 6984995414
RestaurantsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa


Paleokastritsa, 2663041233
HotelsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Akrotiri Beach Resort Hotel

Paleokastritsa, 2663041237
Beach BarsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa


Paleokastritsa, 2663041226
Beach BarsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

La Grotta

Paleokastritsa, 2663041006
Boat TripsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Corfu Explore Boats

Agios Nikolaos, Paleokastritsa, 6984883149
Pool BarsNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa


Paleokastritsa, 6985834710
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuDoukades

Taverna Dukas

Doukades, 2663041982
Grill RoomsNorth CorfuDoukades

La Pergola

Doukades, 6980574555
RestaurantsNorth CorfuLakones

Il Pozzo Corfu

Lakones, 6947315635
CafeNorth CorfuLakones


Lakones, 2663049309
CafeNorth CorfuSokraki

Kafepantopoleion O Varzas

Sokraki, 6973099588
VillasNorth CorfuSokraki

Sokraki Villas

Sokraki, 2663022176
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuSokraki


Sokraki, 2663022176
RestaurantsCentral CorfuAgios Gordios


Agios Gordios, 2661059040
HotelsCentral CorfuAgios Gordios

Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort

Agios Gordios, 2661180000
BarsCentral CorfuAgios Gordios

Lemon Tree

Agios Gordios, 6930290993
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuAgios Gordios

Sebastian’s Family

Agios Gordios, 6945770322
Rent a CarCentral CorfuAgios Gordios

Rolandos Rent a Car

Agios Gordios, 2661053520
Roof TopsCentral CorfuPelekas

Aera Sky Bar

Pelekas, 6984723404
BarsCentral CorfuPelekas

Pelekas Cafe – Bar

Pelekas, 6984723404
VillasCentral CorfuPelekas

Villa Pelekas

Pelekas, 6936770340
HotelsCentral CorfuKommeno

Rodostamo Hotel & Spa

Kommeno, 2661440300
HotelsCentral CorfuKommeno

Grecotel Corfu Imperial

Kommeno, 2661088400
HotelsCentral CorfuKommeno

Grecotel Eva Palace

Kommeno, 2661090003
RestaurantsCentral CorfuKommeno


Kommeno, 2661091069
VillasCentral CorfuKommeno

Villa Ammirami

Kommeno, info@ammirami.com
RestaurantsCentral CorfuKommeno


Kommeno, 2661091322
World CuisineCentral CorfuKommeno

O Mylos by Isla Cuisine

Kommeno, 2661091018, 6971950936
HotelsCentral CorfuBenitses

Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa

Ep. Od. Vrionis - Aghiou Nikolaou, Benitses, 2661022900
RestaurantsCentral CorfuBenitses


Benitses, 2661072339
Fish TavernsCentral CorfuBenitses


Benitses, 6972015875
World CuisineCentral CorfuBenitses


Benitses, 2661072069, 6934731082
Boat TripsCentral CorfuBenitses

ORCA Yachting Chartering

Benitses, 6981027606
BarsCentral CorfuBenitses


Benitses, 6940202734
Grill RoomsCentral CorfuLiapades


Liapades Square, 2663041125
VillasCentral CorfuLiapades

Villa di Pietra

Liapades, 6940214178
Beach BarsCentral CorfuLiapades

Blue Princess

Liapades Beach, 2663041455
Beach BarsCentral CorfuPelekas


Kontogyalos, 6942957752
HotelsCentral CorfuPelekas

Mayor Pelekas Monastery

Kontogyalos, 2661180600
RestaurantsCentral CorfuPelekas

Bella Vista

Pelekas - Kontogialos, 261094927
Beach BarsCentral CorfuPelekas


Kontogialos, 2661095087
Beach BarsCentral CorfuGlyfada


Glyfada, 2661094444
HotelsCentral CorfuGlyfada

Domes of Corfu

Glyfada, 2661094140
RestaurantsCentral CorfuIpsos


Kato Korakiana, 2661093342

Chef Ettore Botrini

HotelsCentral CorfuIpsos

La Maison Corfu

Ipsos, 2661097592
BarsCentral CorfuIpsos


Ipsos, 6945776408
Fish TavernsCentral CorfuIpsos

Marea Seaside

Ipsos, 2661097763
World CuisineCentral CorfuIpsos

Peking House

Ipsos, 2661093646
Water SportsCentral CorfuIpsos

Ipsos Aqua Arena

Ipsos, 6984176286
Grill RoomsSouth CorfuAgios Mattheos

Xoriatikes Nostimies

Agios Mathheos, +30 694 707 5642
HotelsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Olive Grove Suites Boutique Hotel

olivegrovegroup.com , +30 2661 075932
RestaurantsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Rose Garden Corfu Gastronomy

Moraitika, +30 2661 075622
Rent a BoatCentral CorfuKommeno

Boat Hire Corfu

Kommeno, 6998067445
Water SportsCentral CorfuDassia

Sea World Diving Center

Ikos Dassia Resort, 2661441773, 6987404158
HotelsCentral CorfuDassia

Ikos Dassia

Dassia, 2661442600
Children ActivitesCentral CorfuDassia

Waterland Water Park

Dassia, 6976687253
Beach BarsCentral CorfuDassia


Dassia, 2661093013
Burgers & Steak HousesCentral CorfuDassia

Sandwich Lab & More

Dassia, 2661097204
TennisCentral CorfuDassia

Hotel and Tennis

Dassia, 6977161040
TennisCorfu TownKanoni

Kanoni Tennis Club

Kanoni, 6906487479
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuDassia


Dassia, 2661093562
Pool BarsCentral CorfuDassia


Dassia, 2661093801
Rent a BicycleCentral CorfuDassia

GEO Bicycling & More

Dassia, 6977523892
Rent a CarCentral CorfuDassia


Dassia, 2661093314
CruisesCentral CorfuDassia

Asteras Cruises

Dassia, 6947008707
HotelsCentral CorfuErmones

Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort

Ermones, 2661095381
Rent a BoatCentral CorfuErmones

Ermones Boat Hire

Ermones, 6979198862
HotelsCentral CorfuGouvia

Dreams Corfu Resort & Spa

Gouvia, +34911229855
RestaurantsSouth CorfuKavos

Roussos Restaurant

Kavos, +30 2662 061122
HotelsSouth CorfuKavos

Island Beach Resort

Kavos, +30 2661 044300
HotelsSouth CorfuKavos

Ekati Mare Boutique Hotel & Suites

St. Peter's beach, Kavos, +30 694 301 5882
Water SportsCentral CorfuGouvia

Gatos Watersports Corkyra Beach

Gouvia, 6977334632
CruisesCentral CorfuGouvia

Istion Yachting Corfu

Gouvia, 2661091610, 6986066548
World CuisineCentral CorfuGouvia


Gouvia, 2661099994

Thai Food

World CuisineCentral CorfuGouvia

3 Monkeys

Gouvia, 2661099111

Mexican Kitchen & Bar

World CuisineCentral CorfuGouvia

Red Chilli

Gouvia, 2661099792, 6944106739

Indian Restaurant

Bar RestaurantsCentral CorfuGouvia


Gouvia, 6932411597

Lounge Bar & More

VillasCentral CorfuGouvia

Tessera Villas

Gouvia, 2661090440
CruisesCentral CorfuGouvia

Madalena Corfu Boat Trips

Gouvia, 6944265825, 6982866658

Explore fascinating beaches…feel the sun and swim in crystal clear waters…enjoy B.B.Q. on the shore…

RestaurantsCentral CorfuGouvia

9 Muses

Gouvia, 2661091924
VillasCentral CorfuVatos

Villa Lioriza

Vatos, 6972996303
Traditional ProductsCentral CorfuVatos

Corfu Beekeeping Vasilakis

Vatos, 2661095241, 6977347796
Grill RoomsSouth CorfuKavos

The Steak House

Kavos, +30 2662 061767
VillasSouth CorfuKouspades

Little Iremia

Kouspades, +30 698 579 1942
VillasCentral CorfuGastouri

Seven Keys Luxury Suites

Gastouri, 6942452745
VillasCentral CorfuGastouri

Ekaterina Estate

Gastouri, +447768770973
Traditional ProductsCentral CorfuGastouri

Tsami Ceramics

Gastouri, 2661056538
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuGastouri

To Pouli Tsi Kotas

Gastouri, 2661056561
RestaurantsCentral CorfuPerama

Kaiser Bridge Restaurant

Perama, 2661072032
VillasCentral CorfuPerama

Edem Noela Corfu

Perama, 2661020737, 6944306869
HotelsCentral CorfuPerama

Aeolos Beach Resort

Perama, 2661033132
RestaurantsCentral CorfuPerama

Aegli Panorama Restaurant

Perama, 2661043000
HotelsCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Peristeron

Marbella Corfu

Agios Ioannis Peristeron, 2661071184
Water SportsCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Peristeron

Aqua Funtastic Water Sports

Agios Ioannis Peristeron, 6970567662
Grill RoomsCentral CorfuAgioi Deka

Areti’ s Place

Agioi Deka, 2661056348
VillasCentral CorfuDanilia

Villa Athos

Danilia, Kira Chrisikou 6942060844
ShoppingCentral CorfuKanakades


Natural Beeswax & Soy Candles

Kanakades, 6957348447

ShoppingCorfu TownOld Town

Muses Corfu

Inspirational Greek Concept Store

Theotoki Michail 22, 2661030708

VillasSouth CorfuChlomos

Villa Sunmare

Chlomos, +30 694 827 1216
VillasSouth CorfuChlomos

Theea Cottage

Chlomos, 07702046334
VillasSouth CorfuMessonghi

Palms & Spas Boutique Suites & Villas

Messonghi, 2661 075266
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuMessonghi

George & Elena’s Taverna

Messonghi, 2661 076401
ApartmentsCentral CorfuKynopiastes

Marley’ s Loft

Kynopiastes, 6946908914
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuKouspades

Taverna Gialos

Kouspades, +30 2662 051796
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuKynopiastes


Kynopiastes, 6944841793
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuSinarades


Sinarades, 2661054007
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuBoukari

Spiros Karidis Boukari

Boukari, +30 2662 051876
VillasCentral CorfuSinarades

Villa Vardia

Aerostato Sinarades, 6982284676
ApartmentsCentral CorfuSinarades

Laundry House

Sinarades, 6946728545
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuBoukari


Boukari, +30 2662 051993
RestaurantsSouth CorfuBoukari

Golden Sunset restaurant

Boukari, +30 2662 051853
ShoppingCentral CorfuPelekas

Witch House

Πέλεκας, 6974525376
ApartmentsDiapontia IslandsOthonoi

Eleonas Othoni

Othonoi, 6946779615

New York Restaurant

Othonoi, 6975712323

Acantha Boutique Hotel

Ereikousa, 6945227196

Reiki Villas

Ereikousa, 6949343414
Bar RestaurantsPaxos - Antipaxos

Bella Vista Bar Restaurant

Antipaxos, 6973542140, 6975744109
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuArgyrades

Taverna Agounistra

Argyrades, +30 2662 052808
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuBoukari

Taverna Kalami

Boukari, +30 2662 053003
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Aristos Taverna

Kaliviotis beach, Perivoli, +30 2662 023395
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Taverna Elia

Potamia, +30 690 770 3956
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Taverna Barbados

Potamia, +30 2662 024388
VillasPaxos - Antipaxos

Lovers Nest

Antipaxos, 6985888068
RestaurantsPaxos - Antipaxos

Thymari Restaurant

Paxos, 6979334215
CafePaxos - Antipaxos

Porto Vecchio

Gaios, Paxos, 2662032786
Bar RestaurantsPaxos - Antipaxos

Carnayo Bar Restaurant

Gaios, Paxos, 6974158814
Beach BarsPaxos - Antipaxos

Mongonissi Beach

Paxos, 2662032140
HotelsPaxos - Antipaxos

Purple Arpicot Hotel

Lakka - Vlachopoulatika, Paxos 6976683509
ApartmentsPaxos - Antipaxos

Anassa Mare

Paxos, 6980735763
Ferry Routes

Kerkyra Lines


CORFU 26610 81808 // 23876 //30190 IGOUMENITSA 26650 25908 // 28085 // 28258 PAXOS 26620 32440

VillasSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

Lux Seafront Villa Afroditi

Chalikounas, +30 6983339313
Ferry Routes

Kerkyra Seaways


CORFU 26610 20674 // 21000 IGOUMENITSA 26650 21000 // 25540 PAXOS 26620 32114

Ferry Routes

Corfu Port


CORFU 26610 45551 // 39824

RestaurantsSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

The Farm restaurant

Chalikounas, +30 2661 022044
Traditional TavernsSouth CorfuMarathias

Panos Taverna

Marathias, +30 6932111052
ApartmentsPaxos - Antipaxos

Stemar Luxury Villas Club

Loggos, Paxos 6973563009
Traditional TavernsPaxos - Antipaxos

Taverna Vasilis

Loggos, Paxos 2662031587
CafeSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Mikro espresso bar

Lefkimmi, +30 2662 023828
Traditional TavernsPaxos - Antipaxos


Loggos - Paxos, 2662031336
Water SportsSouth CorfuKorission Lagoon

Kite Club Corfu

Chalikounas, 6977145614
Traditional ProductsCorfu TownOld Town


Distillery & Artisan Sweets

Ag. Vasileiou 34, 2661041102

Rent a BicycleCorfu TownCentre

The Cycling Route

Ethn. Paleokastritsas 39Α, 6971958540
Horse RidingNorth CorfuKarousades

Pegasus Horse Trekking

Kavalouri - Karousades, 6946521568
CruisesSouth CorfuKavos

Black Pearl Luxury Yacht Cruises

Asprokavos, 6945043366
CruisesCorfu TownOld Harbour

Black Rose Cruises

El. Venizelou 28, 6987819042
Horse RidingNorth CorfuPaleokastritsa

Island Horse

Paleokastritsa, 6945210123
Nature SportsCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Extreme Sports

corfuextremesports.com, 6944056356
Children ActivitesCorfu TownOld Harbour

Kalypso Star

Undersea Cruises

Xenofontos Stratigou 41, 2661046525, 6972474031

Travel AgenciesCorfu TownCentre

Island Noon Journey

Evagellou Napoleontos 32, 2661024422, 6972077370
ApartmentsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Nikos & Vivi Studios

Perivoli, +30 694 252 2127
HotelsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Sun ‘n Chill Beach Resort

Parakladi Beach, +30 693 244 2521
RestaurantsSouth CorfuKavos

Pure restaurant

Kavos, +30 699 833 9859
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuPetritis

Taverna Limanaki

Petritis, +30 697 359 1764
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuPetritis

Taverna Mythos

Petritis, +30 2662 052825
Fish TavernsSouth CorfuPetritis

Taverna Leonidas

Petritis, +30 2662 052496
HotelsCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Parelion

Archontiko Petrettini Boutique Hotel

Agios Ioannis Parelion, 6933222000
Children ActivitesCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Parelion


Agios Ioannis Parelion, 2661058351
VillasCentral CorfuAgios Ioannis Parelion

Villa Ceasar

Agios Ioannis Parelion, 6972528154
HotelsSouth CorfuVasilatika

Regina Hotel

Vasilatika, +30 2662 052132

Lianelia Boutique Village House

Argyrades, +30 697 460 0012
CruisesCorfu TownCentre

Ionian Cruises

Ethnikis Antistaseos 4, 26610 38690 // 31649 // 25155
BistroNorth CorfuKassiopi

Katoi Bistrot

Kassiopi, 2663091095
RestaurantsNorth CorfuKassiopi

Melina Bay Restaurant

Kassiopi, 2663081030
ApartmentsCorfu TownCentre

The River House

Metaxas Area - Potamos, 6972870990
ApartmentsSouth CorfuLefkimmi

Archontiko Danae

Lefkimi, 6937192477
ApartmentsCentral CorfuGouvia

Mathraki Resort

Gouvia, 6974467595
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuAcharavi

Taverna George

Almyros Acharavi, 2663063753
RestaurantsNorth CorfuAgios Georgios Pagon

Cool Water

Agios Georgios Pagon, 6974465660
ApartmentsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

Villa Lianolia

Agios Spyridonas Peritheias, 6943768069
VillasCentral CorfuLiapades

Villa Grecia

Liapades, 2661051531, 6944453858
ApartmentsSouth CorfuSaint George of Argyrades

Gongis Studios

Agios Georgios Argiradon, 6932382309
Excursions & ToursCorfu TownCentre

Corfu Vespa

Tours & Rentals

Ioanni Theotoki 67

Meze HousesNorth CorfuAcharavi


Acharavi, 2663029369
Traditional ProductsCentral CorfuSinarades

Grammenos Family Winery

Aerostato - Sinarades, 6946124662
RestaurantsNorth CorfuRoda


Roda, 2663063822
World CuisineCorfu TownCentre

Al Dente

Pizzeria - Ristorante

3o klm Ethnikis Leukimis, 2661020205

ApartmentsNorth CorfuKassiopi

MaryHelen Apartments

Kassiopi, 6951977798
Grill RoomsNorth CorfuKassiopi

The Best

Kassiopi, 26613081684
Rent a BoatNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

North Corfu Boats

Agios Spiridon Peritheias, 6944642069
ApartmentsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia

Villa Kostas

Agios Spiridon Peritheia, 6944642069
RestaurantsNorth CorfuOld Peritheia


Private Dining

Kassiopi to Acharavi Street, Apraos, 2663098633

CafeCorfu TownCentre


Coffee and Resto

Ethniki Palaiokastritsas 9, 2661305343

Beach BarsSouth CorfuMarathias


Marathias beach, 6982347986

FunSea Corfu

Luxury Boat Rental

El. Venizelou 32, 6986521678, 6948388325

Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuBarbati

Taverna Glyfa

Glyfa, 2663091090, 6940416628
VillasNorth CorfuBarbati

Glyfa Beach Villas

Glyfa, 2661049300
HotelsNorth CorfuRoda

Ibiscus Hotel Corfu

Roda, 2241024421
ApartmentsCorfu TownCentre

Ideal House in Corfu Town

Centre, 6943527372
Rent a CarCorfu TownCentre

Zeta Cars

El. Venizelou 32, 2661024000
ApartmentsNorth CorfuSidari

Elves Studios & Apartments

Sidari, 6947374490
ApartmentsCorfu TownCentre

Eutuxia House

Angelou Konti 30, 6907104300
Traditional TavernsNorth CorfuDoukades

Taverna Elizabeth

Doukades, 2663041728, 6942605963
CafeNorth CorfuMakrades

Cafe Veatriki

Makrades, 2663049301
ApartmentsNorth CorfuMakrades

Villa Makrades

Makrades, 2663049383
HotelsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Alkionis Hotel

Moraitika, 2661075317, 75483
HotelsSouth CorfuMoraitika

Albatros Hotel

Moraitika, 2661075315 - 6
RestaurantsCentral CorfuBenitses

Oi Oraies Benitses

Benitses, 2661072750
Traditional TavernsCorfu TownCentre

Taverna Massa

Mantouki, 2661080889
RestaurantsNorth CorfuKassiopi


Kassiopi, 2663081015
ApartmentsNorth CorfuPagoiAgios Georgios Pagon

Marianna House

Agios Georgios Pagon, 6944723251
Grill RoomsCentral CorfuGiannades


Giannades, 2661051117
ApartmentsCentral CorfuGiannades

Meadows Views Villa

Giannades, 6946007223
ApartmentsCentral CorfuMarmaro

New Era Holiday Homes & Management

Marmaro, 6978850223
Traditional TavernsCentral CorfuGouvia

Harry’s Taverna

Kontokali, 6981686618
VillasNorth CorfuSinies

Rizes Corfu

Porta - Sinies, 6944604986
Travel AgenciesCorfu TownCentre

My Corfu Travel

2nd Parodos Alexandrou Panagouli, 6975559373, 6936611700
Museums & ExhibitionsNorth CorfuVistonas

ENOTIS Olive Groves Museum

A journey through the history of olive tree and olive oil through the family and local traditional olive oil production

Opening Hours: Every Day 9:00 – 18:00

ApartmentsCentral CorfuGouvia

Isabella Country House

Experience your own fairy tale at Isabella Country House!

Museums & ExhibitionsCentral Corfu

Capodistrias Museum

Organise your visit to the only museum dedicated to Ioannis Capodistrias, the first governor of Greece, at the historical Capodistrias family estate of Koukouritsa

Opening Hours: April – November Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00-16:00 || Closed: Monday & public holidays || December – March: by […]

Travel AgenciesNorth Corfu

Hestia Travel

Kentroma, (+30)2663091049, (+30) 6947822149
Museums & ExhibitionsCorfu TownOld Town

Casa Parlante

The Living History Museum

Casa Parlante Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

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